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Monday, August 31, 2015

GRE Sample Questions Antonyms part 3

GRE sample antonyms are given below. Practice GRE antonyms Part 1 and Part 2 as well.

A. Pungent
B. Spicy
C. Tasty
D. Delicious
E. Dull
Ans : E

A. Exuberant
B. Cheerful
C. Happy
D. Fun
E. Sad
Ans : E 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Interview Questions for Management Job Seekers

A majority of young graduates nowadays want to pursue a log-term career in management. One reason for this is that management jobs offer challenges, responsibilities, prestige, and of course a huge salary. A manager has to carry out vital functions in a company regarding interpersonal communication, information system, and many other tasks. However, you need to possess extraordinary managerial skill sets to reach the top level in any organization. Some of the most commonly asked management interview questions are given below for your reference. If you have applied for a managerial position at a company and are selected for the interview round, then this guideline containing sample interview questions and answers would definitely prove helpful for you to get through the interview.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.
Answer : This is usually an opening question in every interview. Always be careful while answering this question, because a majority of people tend to run off at the mouth. Keep your answer limited to one or two minutes. Do not forget to mention about educational details, work history, and recent career experience. Since this is a warm-up question, do not waste your time here.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Interview Questions for Bank Job Seekers

Banking sector interview questions are more challenging now a days. Most of our graduate students are looking for banking job and that’s why this job sector has become the toughest sector among all other job sectors. In recent years, it has emerged as a resurgent sector in the economies of many countries. It is after clearing the banking tests and exams successfully that you start your hunt for a job in the banking field. You need to be very vigilant in your job search and prepare for your interview thoroughly because, apart from the grades, it is the interview that is a deciding factor for your selection for the job.

Do not just focus on the common interview questions, since no one knows what the interviewer might come up with. The interviewer will not only analyze your technical and practical skills, but will also judge you on various other grounds as well, such as your communication skills, and your attitude towards work,. Sample interview questions that are based on investment banking can also be referred while preparing for your big day. The set covers questions of different types to give you a clearer idea about the points you should consider while preparing for the interview for the position of an investment banker.

GRE Sample Questions Antonyms part 2

GRE Sample Antonyms are Given Below: 

1. MILD                                        Important Antonyms Part 1
A. Gentle                                      Important Antonyms Part 2
B. Kind                                          Important Antonyms Part 3
C. Soft                                           Important Antonyms Part 4
D. Harsh                                       Important Antonyms Part 5
E. Spongy                                     Important Antonyms Part 6
Ans : D                                          Important Antonyms Part 7

A. Uncultivated
B. Untamed
C. Undomesticated
D. Tame
E. Feral
Ans : D