Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sonali Bank Senior Officer (SO) Exam 2013 Questions and Answers

Sonali Bank Ltd. Recruitment Test for Senior Officer (SO) 2013 was held on 29.03.2013. Sonali Bank recruitment test questions and answers are given below. (Sonali Bank Exam 2013 questions and solve, Sonali Bank Senior Office Exam 2013)

BASIC Bank Assistant Officer Exam 2014 Questions and Answers

BASIC Bank Limited recruitment test for Assistant Officer (Cash) 2014 was held on 17.01.2014. Basic bank Assistant Officer (cash) exam 2014 questions and answers are given below. Basic Bank Recruitment Text 2014 Questions and Answers.

Bangladesh Bank AD Exam 2013 Questions and Answers

Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Test for Assistant Director 2013 was held on 10.05.2013. Bangladesh Bank AD Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers are given below. To browse previous year 2012 question and answer please click here. (Bangladesh Bank AD Exam 2013 Question Paper with Solve, Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers 2013)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Global Warming and its Mitigation Measures

Global warming is an alarming issue and it degrades the quality of life on earth. The main cause of global warming is the increase temperature of our earth surface. It has strong relationship with environmental change. It creates huge impact on our agricultural yielding, rainfall, weather condition, temperature and diseases. Higher temperature leads to glacier melts with consequent rise in sea levels. Global warming is inevitable because earth surface temperature will increase gradually due to the case of volcanic eruptions and increased sun temperature but Most of the cases human beings are the main accelerator of Global warming.  They are burning fossil fuels, cutting trees, using nuclear weapons and other kind of explosion.  Increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing the Earth's temperature as well.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

English Sentence Grammar Error Detection (Part 2)

Red underlined word contains error. You will find the correction of this error at the end of the sentence.

1)  Bangla, alike Hindi, is largely based on Sanskrit. Correction: Like (Because Like uses when we compare two nouns)

2) Aamrtya Sen and the economics who agreed with his views focused new attention on poverty.  Correction: Economists

3) The Bangladeshi Doel is a species of particular interest because it’s symbolic interest. Correction: Because of (Because noun phases uses after because)