Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Answer Most Common 35 Interview Questions

1. Tell us about yourself?
Answer: This question is the most common question and it will give you the chance to explain all of your achievements and rewards. Actually if you are a smart person then you always eagerly wait for this question. Only this question will give you the chance to increase your value in front of the interviewer. Explain little about your educational background and more about your achievements in this section.

2. Why did you leave your last job?
Answer: This is a kind of tricky question to know about your motives. You should be careful regarding answering this question. You should not answer in a way, which proves your failure or selfishness. Do not even blame your company. You should answer this question in a way which will be something different. Like – “My previous company is going to merge with some other company and for that reason our Managing Director advised us to look for a new job”.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Interview Tips and Tricks

Most of us don't consider interview seriously but i think It should be considered seriously because it is the first barrier to enter into the professional life. Some of us entered into the professional life by facing only one interview, some of us faced several interviews and entered into the professional life, some of us still trying to get a job and facing several interviews. Actually we always forget one important thing, this is - interview skills. Some of us may be knowledgeable enough but don't have the interview skills. It is hard for them to manage a job because interview skills are different than acquiring knowledge and education on different academic subjects. I figured out some important areas which can be a good tips for those person who wants success in his/her first interview.

1) Think interview day as a show-off day. You should dressed such a way that express your professional personality. Wear a dress which makes you feel comfortable. The dress should be light color, don't wear dark colored dress. Gent's should wear light colored shirt and dark colored pant. Avoid Full cotton dresses because if you sit in a place and if it folds somehow then it will not be possible for you to make it in it's previous condition again without using iron.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

English MCQ Questions for BCS Preliminary Exam (Part 4)

BCS Preliminary Exams MCQ English Questions are given below:

1.My uncle has three sons, ---- work in the same office.-which of the following is the best form of pronoun in the above sentence? all of whom
2.Are you doing anything special --- the week-end? at
3.People always remember patriots -Which of the following is the best passive form of the above sentence? The patriots are always remembered by the people
4.The readers like ---- better than mine. his and hers
5.The government is considering ---- a new international airport. building
6.Many a .......... tried to complete the work man has
7.You're right ......... an extent. You haven't thought about the big picture. So, really, you're only half right. to
8.He is ___ six feet. about
9.I'm going to .......... school in order to obtain education. no article
10.The product is made -- pure gold. of

Monday, January 5, 2015

English Questions for BCS Preliminary Exam (Part 3)

BCS Preliminary Exam English Questions (Previous Years) are Given Below:

1. correct spelling- Paleontology
2. correct spelling- Taxidermist
3. Charlatan - synonym.- Imposter
4. I prefer tea --- coffee.- to
5. Raju -- here yesterday.- came
6. I --- a reply to my letter in the next few days? expect
7. Where is the --- post office.-  nearest
8. I would like -- information - a piece
9. Bake the cakes -- they are finn to the touch.- until
10. Don't talk to him about politics because it's like _____ rag to a bull.- red
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