Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Test Answers; Assistant Director 2012

(Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Paper and Solve, Bangladesh Bank AD Questions and Answers, Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Exam Paper with Answer) Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Test Questions and Answers of Assistant Director 2012 is given below:


  1. Thanks a lot Fardausi ...............

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  3. Thanks apu. But from where do i get the answers ?

  4. Thanks a lot Fardausi ...............

  5. no.66 ans is undoubtedly wrong
    cond:a)2*3=6,6 middle263
    c)2*2=4 middle 242
    d)1*1=1 middle 111
    you can test 331,481,551,263,242,111

  6. sorry mujahid test 331,482,551,263,242,111

  7. Its a dream for a person to get job in Bangladesh Bank especially if you like to engage in Banking sector. I am a Banker(MTO) of a Private bank. We are being heavily paid but we are not happy at all because we don't have enough rather i should say any opportunity to do creative work in our day to day activities.All the works are so much mundane & tedious that you will lost your potentiality. It is good to see that you are encouraging other people for BB exam by submitting question with tips, keep it up. You should also mention why a person chose BB instead of private bank in your intro.


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