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Monday, August 19, 2013

Important English Word Meanings for Bank Recruitment Exam (Part 1)

    (Important English Word Meanings for bank recruitment exams, Practice English Word Meanings for admission test, recruitment exams and other service related exams) English Word Meanings are given below:

1.      ‘En route’ – On the way
2.      The word ‘Lucrative’ means – Profitable.
3.      ‘Blue chips’ are – Industrial shares considered to be a safe investment.
4.      When having a problem, it is best to dissect the situation then act. Dissect means – Analyze
5.      The official exhibited a heedless attitude when dealing with the dignitaries. Heedless mean – Thoughtless.
6.      The general tried to instill in his troops the hope of victory. Instill means – Infuse.
7.      ‘Maiden speech’ means – First Speech
8.      He showed great enthusiasm contrary to what his supervisor had expected. Contrary means – opposite to.
9.      A person whose head is in the cloud is – A day dreamer.
      10.  Cue – de- Sac means – Dead end.
11.  Parcel means – Piece of land.
12.  Ruminant means – Cud chewing animal.
13.  If a substance is cohesive, it tends to – stick together.
14.  The word ‘dilly dally’ means – waste time.
15.  The word ‘Euphemism’ means – description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name.
16.  ‘Equivocation’ means- Two contrary things in the same statement.

17.  ‘Bill of fare’ is – A list of dishes at a restaurant.
18.  A ‘bull market’ means, the share price are – Rising.
19.  ‘Razzmatazz’ means- A noisy activity.
20.  ‘Blockbuster’ means- A powerful explosive to demolish buildings.
21.  The word ‘homogeneous’ means – of the same kind.
22.  The word ‘ecological’ is related to – environment.
23.  A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a – holy place.
24.  A person who write about his own life – an autobiography.
25.  Three score is – three times twenty.
26.  An ordinance is – a law.
27.  A fantasy is – a funny film.
28.  Something that is ‘fresh’ is something – in fairly good condition.
29.  What is the meaning of the expression ‘bottom line’ – the essential point.
30.  The word ‘plurality’ means – the holding of more than one office at a time.
31.  ‘Pediatric’ relates to the treatment of – children.32.  ‘Boot leg’ means to- smuggle.
33.  ‘Plebiscite’ is a term related to – Politics.
34.  Many islands make up – an archipelago.
35.  A speech full of too many words is – A verbose speech.

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