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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Important General Knowledge for Bank Recruitment Exams (Part 2)

1)      The headquarter of CIRDAP is in – Dhaka
2)      The first parliamentary election of Bangladesh was held in -1973
3)      The governance structure of Bangladesh is – parliamentary.
4)      Bangladesh Bank was established in -1971
5)      Dhaka division consists of – 17 districts
6)      Bangladesh got the membership of the United Nations is in- 1974
7)      BASIC Bank started its operation in -1989
8)      The last independent Sultan of Bangal – Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah.
9)      The Chittagong hill tracts peace accord was signed in -1997
10)  The Portuguese arrived at Chittagong and received trade permit for the first time in -1498
11)  Time difference of Bangladesh with ‘Greenwich mean time’  is -6 hours.
12)  The last Mughal emperor – Bahadur Shah
13)  The highest gallant award in Bangladesh – Birsheshtho
14)  The only foreigner who got the title Birprotik – W.A.S. Oderland
15)  The value added Tax introduced in Bangladesh in – 1 july 1991
16)  The constitution of Bangladesh has been amended -15 times.
17)  Bengal was first partitioned in -1905
18)  The river which divides Bangladesh and Myanmar – the Naf
19)  The president of the National Assembly of Bangladesh – Speaker
20)  The first finance minister of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmed.
21)  The T20 BPL Tournament 2012 matches were played -33
22)  The present governor of Bangladesh Bank is –Dr. Atiur Rahman.
23)  The largest importer of Bangladeshi product is – USA
24)  The Mujibnagar Government was formed on – April 10,1971
25)  NAEM stands for – National Academy for Educational Management.
26)  Champion of the 2012 Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 – Dhaka Gladiators.
27)  The largest Division in Bangladesh is – Chittagong.
28)  Architect of National Parliament Bhaban was – Lui Kan.
29)  Number of reserved seats for women in the National parliament of Bangladesh is – 50
30)  The movie ‘Pather Panchali’ was directed by – Satyajit Roy.
31)  Number of districts in Bangladesh have border with India -30
32)  In terms of land area, the largest island in Bangladesh – Bhola.
33)  The country introduced the concept of SAARC – Bangladesh
34)  The first paper mill established in Bangladesh is – Karnaphuli paper mills.
35)  The current name of the former ministry of establishment of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh – Ministry of Public Administration.
36)  Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is located in – Gazipur
37)  The recently celebrated new Bangla year is -1420
38)  In terms of land area, the largest district of Bangladesh  is – Rangamati
39)  During the Liberation War, Bangladesh was divided into -11 sectors
40)  The first African country to recognize Bangladesh as an independent country – Senegal
41)  Bay of Bengal is in – Indian Ocean.
42)  The head of the government of Bangladesh is – Prime Minister.
43)  The designer of our national flag – Kamrul Hasan.
44)  Highest single contribution to GDP in Bangladesh comes from the sector – Agriculture.
45)  The first European country recognized Bangladesh as an independent country is – Poland.
46)  Articles of the constitution of Bangladesh remain under suspension during the period of emergency are – 36,37,38,39,40,42
47)  First captain in the test cricket of Bangladesh is – Naimur Rahman
48)  The first Bangladeshi woman who climbed Mount Everest is – Nisat MOzumdar.
49)  The acronym BARD stands for – Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development.
50)  The current population growth rage in Bangladesh is – 1.37%
51)  The ancient name of Barisal is – Chandradeep.
52)  Bangladesh constitutions was adopted -16 December, 1972
53)  The authority to issue an ordinance in Bangladesh is – president.
54)  The source of the river Karnaphuli is – Lushai Hills.
55)  The ratio of length and breadth of the national flag of Bangladesh  is – 5:3
56)  Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Ltd (RPGCL) is a company of – Petrobangla.
57)  Number of female persons who were awarded the title ‘Bir Protik’ for their contribution in the liberation war of Bangladesh  - 2
58)  The subject which is more focused in the national anthem of Bangladesh is – Natural Beauty of Bangladesh.
59)  The national game of Bangladesh is – Kabaddi.
60)  The first museum in Bangladesh is – Varendra Museum.
61)  SAARC Agricultural Information centre is located in – Dhaka
62)  The historic ‘Paharpur’ is situate in – Naogaon.
63)  The river padma enters Bangladesh through – Rajshahi.
64)  Three Bangali people have won Nobel prizes so far. The areas in which the prizes were acquired are – Literature, Economics and Peace.
65)  21st February was the same date of – 8th Falgun.
66)  The national tree of Bangladesh is – Mango tree.
67)  The sector that consumed the most natural gas in Bangladesh is – Power.
68)  The first sea shore gas field in Bangladesh is – Sangu
69)  The architect of Mishuk – Hamiduzzaman Khan
70)  Cellular telephone starts in Bangladesh at – 8 August 1993.
71)  The minimum age for becoming vote in Bangladesh is – 18 years
72)  The largest tribe in Bangladesh is – Chakma.
73)  An institution was created due to language movement named – Bangla Academy.
74)  Bangladesh government at first took its oath in the district of – Meherpur.
75)  The spelling of Dacca changed to Dhaka in the year of -1988.
76)  Bangladesh Folk Art Museum is located in – Sonargaon.
77)  The last Mughal Emperor – Bahadur Shah Jafar.
78)  The largest land port of Bangladesh is – Benapole.
79)  Most northern point of Bangladesh is – Bangla Bandha.
80)  National Agricultural Day of Bangladesh – 1st Agrahayan.
81)  The designer of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Complex – Mazharul Islam
82)  The first prime minister of temporary government of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmed.
83)  The ‘Uttara Gano Bhaban’ is situate in – Natore.
84)  The Mughal emperor visited Dhaka is – Humayun.
85)  The national flag of independence Bangladesh was hosted on – 2 March 1971
86)  The number of districts in Rajshahi Division is -8
87)  First community radio of Bangladesh is – Radio Padma.
88)  The famous Bangladeshi player Mr. Siddiqur Rahman plays – Golf
89)  The organization declared 21st February as the international Mother Language Day is – UNESCO.
90)  The Mosque of Binot Bibi is located at - Dhaka
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