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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Important One Word Substitution for Bank Recruitment Exam (Part 1)

(Important English One Word Substitution for bank recruitment exams, Practice English One Word Substitution for admission test, recruitment exams and other service related exams) One Word Substitutions are given below:

1) A cure for all disease- Panacea.

2) A person working in the same place with another – colleague.

3) One who draws maps – Cartographer.

4) Ability to read and write – Literacy.

5) Without making any payment – Gratis.

6) Incapable of being seen through – Opaque.

7) That which is perceptible by touch – Tangible.

8) One who is in charge of a museum – Curator.

9) One who loves book – Bibliophile.

10) One who copies from other writers – Plagiarist.

11) That which cannot be avoided – Inevitable.

12) One who questions everything – Cynic.

13) One who is unmarried – Celibate.

14) A game in which no one wins – Draw.

15) The study of derivation of words – Etymology.

16) A thing no longer in use – Obsolete.

17) One who is greedy for money – A Veracious.

18) Highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire – Alluring.

19) Money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage – Dowry.

20) A person with the same name as another – Namesake.
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