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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Important Phrases and Idioms for Bank Recruitment Test (part 4)

      76)  To nurse a grudge’ means- to bear ill will.

77)  ‘To hit and root’ means- to be very angry.

78)  ‘Bon voyage’ means- Wish you a good trip.

79)  ‘Look before your leap’ means- be wary.

80)  ‘With open arms’- warmly.

81)  ‘A man of letters’ means- a scholar.

82)  ‘ For good’ means - permanently.

83)  ‘A foregone conclusion’ means- an anticipated result.

84)  ‘Slow coach’ means—a very lazy person.

85)  ‘Run riot’ means-behave in a lawless way.

86)  ‘ Out of the wood’ means- free from difficulties.

87)  ‘Cut and dry’ means- already decided.

88)  ‘ At stone’s throw’ means- at a short distance.

89)  ‘ By and large’ means- mostly.

90)  ‘ Bill of fare’ means- a list of dishes a restaurant.

91)  ‘ At the eleventh hour’ means- at the last moment.

92)  ‘ Red handed’ means – with proof.

93)  ‘ Kit and kin’ means- blood relation.

94)  ‘ Pin money’ means- Sundry expenses.

95)  ‘ Make good’ means- compensation.

96)  ‘Cock and bull story’ means- a false story.

97)  ‘ Hang about’ means- loiter about.

98)  ‘ De facto’ means- in reality.

99)  ‘ Sine die’ means- adjourned indefinitely.

100)  ‘Birds eye view’ means- a rough idea.
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