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Monday, September 9, 2013

Recent Crisis in Arab World and Middle East

From the 17th December 2010, there were huge popular protests occurred in many countries of the Arab world which is called as Arab Spring. It is also known as Arab awakening and Arab uprisings as well. Huge protests were witnessed in Libya, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and even in Saudi Arabia. Some of the protests were successful to an extent, the rulers forced to cede power, other countries are still in ferment. The protests are now witnessing in Middle East due to many reasons. Those are absence of democratic rights, political reforms, economic hardship and imperialist intervention. Water, energy and population trends spell more trouble for governments in the Middle East and North Africa. Economic want and inequality as much as political repression encouraged the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions. The demands raised by the protesters in all these countries can be clubbed together under these broad characteristics: 1) Anti imperialism. 2) Their economic grievances and 3) The democratic aspiration of people.

The protests have collective techniques of civil resistance in sustained campaigns. strikes, demonstrations, marches, Involving and rallies. Activists used various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to organize, communicate and raise awareness. They wrote various articles on blogs and websites to catch the intention of the world people and to get their support.
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