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Monday, September 30, 2013

Why to Choose Banking as a Career

We always think about good food, good cloths and good residence. These are our basic needs. But we can’t ignore the need for good career in our life. For a better future good career is the must. Banking is the appropriate sector for good career development. There are lots of multinational companies spreading their business sectors rapidly but the flow of candidates towards banking career is increasing drastically. There is no strong alternative to bank job. If we dig inside this scenario we will find that banking career is giving us smart amount of money, dignity, smooth career growth, job security, pension benefits, provident fund, gratuity, incentives and lots of other benefits. Only this sector is properly maintaining the service rules and regulations. On the other hand private companies are not giving us all of these benefits. Some multinational companies are giving few of them but not all together. This is a good reason for choosing banking as a career.

There are some other reasons as well. If we want to develop social contacts with companies and businesses then there is no alternative of doing job in a Bank. This is the sector which can give us the best idea about new business and will give us the exact development scenario of our country. By doing job in a bank one can get accuracy in work which can give him/her a better life. Bank job also teaches us discipline and patience. The atmosphere of a bank is cordial and homely and the officer works almost independently. A banker gets the opportunity to update him with new technologies, various software’s, financial and money markets. Banking career can give us the chance to get inside a business process. We can increase our knowledge in export- import, trade, investment and remittance by choosing banking as a career. Banking career teaches us the proper utilization of money. Bank has introduced E-Banking system which makes the work easy for a banker. E-Banking has changed the banking transaction system of a country. When inflation creates huge impacts in our economy this banking sector helps to reduce inflation and boost up the economic growth.

Though this banking career is very much demanding among the job seekers, it involves lots of risks as well. We know without taking risk we can’t gain anything. There are risk involves with every professions. Bank deals with clients and money that’s why the risk factor is higher in this sector. The professional must be willing to take the responsibility of large amounts of money and must be able to carefully account for all the monies under his or her care. A banker should always be careful about his/her activities and will not do any kind of unethical practices. In this way we can reduce the risk and can make this carrier the best choice of our life. 
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  1. This is a very much helpful site for bank job seekers. Anyway, I am a Physics student from a public university. I want to build up my career in private bank sectors. But now a days I am observing that there are limited circulars for other candidates except BBA, MBA holders and economics. MBA is a long time process for me. What can I do now as a MSc student. Please, give me some suggestions.

    1. As i know only few of the private banks are looking for BBA and MBA students not all of them. You can try for All public banks like- (Bangladesh bank, sonali, rupali, janata, pubali). You can choose some private banks as well like- (shahjalal, al arafa, sibl, fsibl, islamic bank bd ltd, exim bank) they are not looking for only BBA and MBA student. At first target one bank then analyse their question patterns and previous year questions and make yourself updated with recent issues and knowledge. I hope you will get chance in your targeted bank. Don't target all banks together, if you do that, you won't get chance anywhere. Study English and Math as much as you can...

  2. Thanks....Fardausi Ahmed

  3. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it


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