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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

English Sentence Grammar Error Detection (Part 1)

Sentence error detection is the most common question for bank recruitment exam. I have given some examples below. You will get four underlined words in a sentence including one red(Error) marked word. Correction and the reason of this correction has given at the end of each sentence. The question might come in the examination with this tag line: Underlined parts of the following sentences may contain error(s) in grammar, diction, usage or idiom. Choose the underlined part that is incorrect.

1) It must be him with whom you enjoy to do your assignment. Correction: Doing (Because enjoy doing will be the appropriate one)

2) Tagore’s ability to summarize the range of human emotions in simple yet profound eloquent verse is perhaps the greatest reason for his enduring popularity.  Correction: Profoundly (Because profoundly eloquent verse is the appropriate)

3) He and his team would be the first to walk across the continent, starting from the coast of the Weddelll Sea, traversing the South Pole and ending at Ross Sea. Correction: Ending up at (Because ending up at is the meaningful one for this sentence)

4) He had begun the voyage with a mission of exploration, but that quickly became a mission for survival. Correction: of (Because mission of is the appropriate)

5) Determination of the long term effects of aerosols on the upper atmosphere are currently one of the most challenging problems in climate research. Correction: is (Because with subject determination is will be used)

6) The office memoranda was circulated, by nobody responded, hence, few supplies were ordered. Correction: were (Because memoranda is plural)

7) Since we are living in Dhaka city for last five years, we are reluctant to move to another city. Correction: Have been living (Because living time is 5 years so have been will be the correct answer)

8) Competence without willingness  yields in a half-hearted result. (No need to use any preposition)
9) I have repeated the information again for  his perusal. (Because when there is repeat present in the sentence we don’t need to use again, it will be the redundancy of same word)

10) The caustic remarks she made was totally uncalled for. Correction: remark (Because here verb is singular {was} )

11) The list containing names of miscreants have been submitted to the committee for action. Correction: has (Because subject is singular {the list} so has will be the appropriate)

12) There was so much conversation in back of that I couldn’t hear the actors on the stage. Correction: behind (behind is the appropriate word not in back of)

13) The reason for my prolonged absence from class was because I was ill for three weeks. Correction: That (If reason word is present in the sentence then instead of because that will be the appropriate)

14) Since we were caught completely unaware, the affect of the Managing Director’s remark was starling; some were shocked, but others were angry. Correction: effect (Instead of after verb effect noun carries the appropriate meaning of this sentence)

15) We were terrified by sounds: the screaming of the wind, the restless rustle of leaves in the trees; and the sudden overwhelming explosions of thunder. Correction: rustling

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