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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GRE Sample Questions Sentence Completions Part 1

GRE sample questions are important for recruitment exams. Most of the banks and financial institutes provide GRE multiple choice questions to their recruitment exams. 

1. Simply paying a judgment or tax won’t -- -- -- improve your credit score. It will however, start the clock ticking so that item will -- -- -- get removed.
A. Capable – Last of all
B. Possible- Finally
C. Promising – Lastly
D. Likely- Eventually
E. Potentially – At last
Ans :D

2. In spite of her age, she has a childish and -- -- -- sense of humor.

A. Adolescent
B. Trivial
C. Mature
D. Asinine
E. Youthful
Ans :D

3. At the cutting edge of research, scientists are developing new sunscreens to protect people from harmful-- -- --

A. UV rays
B. Pollution
C. Environment
D. Atmosphere
E. None of the above
Ans :A

4. Knowing Julian was outshined by many other performers, she knew she was pampering in a bit of -- -- -- when she speculated whether Julian was the supreme living performer ever.

A. Hyperbole
B. Injustice
C. Understatement
D. Irony
E. Overemphasis
Ans :B

5. In spite of mixed effusion to the divergent, there is no required link between technical skill and humanism, and quite probably, there may be a little of a -- -- --between them.

A. Dichotomy
B. Congruity
C. Reciprocity
D. Union
E. Generosity
Ans :E

6. Hoping to -- -- -- the clash, negotiators suggest a negotiation that they felt would be -- -- -- to both policies and legislation.
A. Manage - Resolving
B. Solve - Divisive
C. Extend - Detrimental
D. Resolve - Acceptable
E. End - Likely
Ans :D

7. Bankruptcy can offer a fresh start from debts it does not -- -- -- out the -- -- -- accounts that appeared on your report.

A. Wash – Unique
B. Wipe – Original
C. Dab – Inventive
D. Blob – Creative
E. Splash – Artistic
Ans :B

8. Your credit cards however will be closed during the program so it will be -- -- -- you can get new loans.

A. Similarly
B. Likely
C. Probably
D. Unlikely
E. Doubtful
Ans :D

9. There are lenders, though, that understand the value of credit counseling and will be willing to finance a loan once you have been -- -- -- paying on your program for -- -- -- one or two years, provided you meet their

A. Profitably - Slightest
B. Successfully - At least
C. Beneficially – Least
D. Usefully – Smallest amount
E. None of the above
Ans :B

10. If you had joint accounts with -- -- -- who died, then you will be responsible for the bills

A. Someone
B. Any one
C. Every one
D. Everybody
E. Each one
Ans : A

11. If you have an account that was charged off, it may show a balance -- -- -- it is paid or settled.

A. Pending
B. Unless
C. Except
D. If not
E. Until
Ans : E

12. Don’t be pressured into paying those bills directly, -- -- -- if it will hurt your family financially

A. Particularly
B. Especially
C. Mainly
D. Mostly
E. Typically
Ans : B

13. It’s feasible that during a bank merger or the sale of a few accounts, your account went to a latest lender and you just don’t -- -- -- the name of the latest lender.

A. Recognize
B. Distinguish
C. Discern
D. Discriminate
E. Classify
Ans :A

14. If your bankruptcies may be reported for ten years from the date you filed, -- -- -- credit bureaus will remove chapter 13 bankruptcies seven years from the filling date.

A. Minor
B. Small
C. Major
D. Important
E. Particular
Ans :C

15. The students have been complaining about the assigned novel, which is hard to -- -- --.

A. Understand
B. Remember
C. Know
D. Consider
E. Believe
Ans :A

16. Some drugs are -- -- -- to children, and such medicines should be kept locked up.
A. Useful
B. Harmful
C. Helpful
D. Valuable
E. Profitable
Ans :B

17. Physical needs are unsatisfied, they take first place, but when they are satisfied, emotions unconnected with them become -- -- -- in deciding whether a man is to be happy or unhappy.

A. Significant
B. Important
C. Vital
D. Main
E. Major
Ans :B

18. Millions of people struggle for bare -- -- -- in every country and we don’t have -- -- -- medical facilities in this hospital.

A. Existence – Adequate
B. Life – Sufficient
C. Living – Ample
D. Livelihood – Plenty
E. Existing – Plenty
Ans :A

19. The master tells the upset workers that machines have -- -- -- their earning, buying power and hence, happiness.

A. Amplified
B. Increased
C. Enlarged
D. Inflated
E. Magnified
Ans :B

20. Workers who operate the machines in dark, dirty and noisy work places complain that the machine affect their health badly.

A. Criticize – Distress
B. Complain – Affect
C. Condemn – Sorrow
D. Attack – Grief
E. Harass – Influence
Ans :B

21. The people wish to be rich not in order to -- -- -- luxury goods so much as to feel superior to their neighbors.

A. Sell
B. Buy
C. Advertise
D. Publicize
E. Announce
Ans :B

22. The master -- -- -- naturally admires the machines because they will serve him sincerely. But he admires their look -- -- -- they are actually operated

A. Quiet – Before
B. Bit – Previous to
C. Little – Prior
D. Slight – Former
E. Minor – Past
Ans :A

23. The rich are -- -- -- fortunate than their neighbors or relations. This is their competitive -- -- -- over others.

A. More – Advantage
B. Less – Gain
C. Little- Profit
D. Slight – Yield
E. Small – Expand
Ans :A

24. The state can provide some -- -- -- sport facilities to satisfy men inherit ant desire for -- -- -- and action.

A. Daring – Gratify
B. Adventurous – Thrill
C. Bold – Indulge
D. Brave – Spoil
E. Heroic – Ruin
Ans :B

25. The two other factors which play -- -- -- part in -- -- -- poverty is density of population and political condition.

A. Major – Increasing
B. Chief – Rising
C. Principle – Growing
D. Main – Budding
E. Important – Emergent
Ans :A

26. Machines demand regularity and they -- -- -- to be operated regularly and continually. But human emotions do not follow any set course and they are -- -- -- and spontaneous.

A. Required – Unequal
B. Compulsory - Imbalanced
C. Need – irregular
D. Vital – Lopsided
E. Obligatory – Extreme
Ans :C

27. The -- -- -- praise given to a person who is a sincere tireless worker is that he has the qualities of a machine. He is -- -- --, punctual and accurate

A. Highest – Dependable
B. Good – Silly
C. Bad – Stupid
D. Nice – Brainless
E. Polite – Mindless
Ans :A

28. The art collector -- -- -- pleasure from the thought that others know how much he has spent on -- -- -- painting

A. Attain – Every
B. Derives – Each
C. Accomplish – All
D. Achieve – Everyone
E. Do – Everything
Ans :B

29. The author wants to -- -- -- those machines have the -- -- -- attraction for the young and the old alike

A. Show – Huge
B. Explain – Big
C. Prove – Great
D. Establish – Vast
E. Found – Immense
Ans :C

30. Machines are worshipped because they are beautiful, and valued because they -- -- -- power; they are hated because they are hideous and loathed because they -- -- -- slavery.

A. Confer – Impose
B. Grant – Impress
C. Allowance – Astonish
D. Payment – Daze
E. Contribution - Stun
Ans :A

31. The master of the machine, it is true, lives at a -- -- -- from it where he cannot hear its noise or see its unsightly heaps of slag or smell it’s -- -- -- fumes.

A. Distance – Noxious
B. Aloofness – Deadly
C. Coldness – Toxic
D. Iciness – Noxious
E. Frostiness – Injurious
Ans :A

32. David complains that his room is -- -- -- filled with tobacco smoke.

A. Frequently
B. Regularly
C. Habitually
D. Often
E. Commonly
Ans :D

33. His hairs are cut too -- -- --. It -- -- -- that he has been given a hair cut for the army.

A. Short – Seems
B. Tiny - As if
C. Little – Since
D. Slight – When
E. Minor – While
Ans :A

34. The -- -- -- percentage for admission to this course is 95%

A. Initial
B. Primary
C. Starting
D. Cut off
E. Main
Ans :D

35. How did they -- -- --the flight for California?

A. Board
B. Took
C. Went
D. Taken
E. Gone
Ans :A
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