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Friday, March 13, 2015

SAT Sample Questions Sentence Completions Part 1

SAT sample questions are important for bank recruitment exams. You should try to solve SAT practice questions and will give SAT practice test regularly. SAT practice test sample questions are given below. These questions are on sentence completions. (sat question of the day)

1. In one outrageous instance of -- -- -- -- -- research, one of the nation's most powerful researchers in the field of inheritance reported on experiments that were by no means carried out and published deliberately -- -- -- -- -- scientific papers on his missing work.
A. Hypothetical - Challenging
B. Fraudulent - Deceptive
C. Erroneous - Neutral
D. Complete - Abstract
E. Derivative - Reliable
Ans :B

2. To lessen the problem of infected chicken, the study panels suggest that the federal government shifts its inspection stress from cursory bird by bird chart checks to a more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- random sampling for bacterial and chemical infectivity.
A. Symbolic
B. Discreet
C. Rigorous
D. Doubtful
E. Automatic
Ans :C

3. Pluto first came into -- -- -- -- -- -- back in the year 1985, when astronomers observed as Pluto passed in front of a star. They were able to compute a small dimming as its environment passed in front of the star, before Pluto planet itself stopped or blocked the star completely. From those -- -- -- -- --, they were able to calculate that it has a thin cover of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. As Pluto travels away from the Sun, this environment gets so chilly that it freezes onto the plane.
A. Existence - Interpretations
B. Survival - Research
C. Endurance - Investigate
D. Patience - Examine
E. Persistence - Inspect
Ans :A

4. Her novel published to worldwide acclaim, her legendary gifts recognized by the chief figures of the Harlem Renaissance, her status as yet -- -- -- -- -- by envious slights, Hurston clearly was at the -- -- -- -- -- of her career.
A. Unmarred - Edge
B. Unspoiled - Ebb
C. Untainted - Tremendously
D. Blackened- Sympathy
E. Untarnished - Zenith
Ans :E
5. The unique daffodil is a -- -- -- -- -- or sometimes found in golden color and has a proclaimed like corona in the middle with petals all around it. Often the broadcast is a complementary color, and with the beginning of hybrids the daffodils themselves can now vary in color from yellow, white, and orange to even pinks or it can also be found in light greens. An enduring perennial bulb that -- -- -- -- -- in spring season, daffodils are very pliable, but favor a rich, well drained soil in fractional to full sun.
A. Dazzling- Blossom
B. Stunning - Flourish
C. Striking - Prosper
D. Unusual - Thrive
Ans :A

6. Getting free of bed bugs is not a simple -- -- -- -- -- and majority cases of bed bug invasion will need action by a pest-control specialist. A mixture of low scent sprays, dusts, and vaporizer insecticides can be worn to eliminate bed bugs. These must be used to all areas where the bugs are found as well as spaces where they may creep or bury. The pest-control business can help you decide if the mattress can be cleaned or must be redundant. Since bed bugs cannot eagerly be -----------with insecticides, it's habitually essential to throw away infested mattresses and beds.
A. Procedure - Treated
B. Formula - Treatment
C. Rule– Conduct
D. Principle - Behavior
E. Standard - Deeds
Ans :A

7. According to a research published in a -- -- -- -- -- issue of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology academic journal, it was one-third more -- -- -- -- -- at stopping a unrelenting cough than a placebo.
A. Modern - Efficient
B. Recent - Effective
C. Contemporary - Resourceful
D. Current - Inventive
E. Existing - Creative
Ans :B

8. Nowadays pizza has become just as American as apple pie and baseball. Only because of its most current beginning is it considered an ---------- cuisine. Huge U.S. based multi-billion dollar ----------- should be grateful for the growth along with underprivileged college students who can be grateful for the fine dining experience pizza has given them.
A. African - Trade
B. Italian - Business
C. Indian - Employment
D. Chinese - Industry
E. Thai - Production
Ans :B

9. Whoever made-up the method of using ice ------------ with salt to lower and manage the coolness of ice cream ingredients during manufacturing provided a main breakthrough in ice cream equipment. Also important was the creation of the wooden bucket refrigerator with rotary paddles that ------------------- the ice cream's manufacture.
A. Mingled - Enhanced
B. Mix - Better
C. Merge - Improved
D. Combine - Superior
E. Unite - Higher
Ans :A
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10. Whales and seals of the Southern deep-sea have been brutally browbeaten by man in the past, but are now mostly-----------------. Some seals and whales have had vivid population increases in current decades, though others remain very much condensed ------------------ to pre-hunting level.
A. Curbed - Contrast
B. Restricted - Disparity
C. Limited - Inequality
D. Confined - Compared
E. Small - Dissimilarity
Ans : D

11. Strawberries are low in obese content and fat. They are -- -- -- -- -- with vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, as well as potassium. They can lessen the possibility of heart attacks and cancers. Strawberry eating helps in the lessening of systolic blood stress. Juice from strawberry pulp helps in improving from fever. Strawberry juice, if mixed with honey can lessen irritation. It has a -- -- -- -- -- effect on sunburns.
A. Loaded - Healing
B. Lot of - Good
C. Burdened - Heal
D. Hampered - Cure
E. Hindered - Make well
Ans : A

12. Oranges grown in Southeast Asia, and then extended throughout the world with timing directly parallel to the -- -- -- -- -- of culture. Thus, for instance, it was Columbus, who brought the first orange seeds in the World. Invading Moors had previously introduced them to Spain. Oranges played an important and representational part in the work of the painters of the Italian regeneration, and, in previous centuries, at least two attacks of Italy were touched off by gifts of oranges -- -- -- -- -- sent to warlords in the northern countries. Oranges were known as Golden Apples of the Hesperides.
A. Mores - Charming
B. Spread - Alluringly
C. Society - Amiable
D. Humanity - Charm
E. Kindness - Allure
Ans : B

13. Volcanic mountains  when melts rock from deep within the Earth -- -- -- -- during the crust and heaps up on itself. Check The island chain of Hawaii is in fact on the top of the list of the volcanoes prone area. Famous volcanoes on land include Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount St. Helens in Washington State. Sometimes volcanic explosions break down mountains in its place of building them up, like in the year 1980 -- -- -- -- --that blew the top of Mount St. Helens.
A. Erupts - Explosions
B. Blast - Bang
C. Flash - Flare up
D. Blaze - Spark
E. Burn - Fire
Ans :A

14. While white lilies represent chastity and desirable quality - and were the mark of the Virgin Marys transparency and her role of ruler of the Angels as, other ranges became -- -- -- -- --, they brought with them extra meanings and representations as well. An alstroemeria or Peruvian lily symbolizes companionship and affection, white stargazer lilies convey kindness and a pink stargazer lily -- -- -- -- -- assets and success. Symbolizing modesty and loyalty, lilies of the vale are the 2nd nuptial anniversary flower.
A. Usual - Signifies
B. Common - Shows
C. Ordinary - Display
D. Accepted - Signifies
E. Received - Exhibit
Ans :D

15. Kiwi birds are tremendously -- -- -- -- -- in the bird world. They are usually found in the size of chickens, but they lay eggs which is alike to ostrich eggs, weighing around a pound each egg. Their -- -- -- -- -- eggs are the major in the bird world, in quantity to their bodies. These birds were named after their characteristic shrill sound "kee-wee".
A. Unique - Vast
B. Similar - Small
C. Comparable - Tiny
D. Equivalent - Giant
E. Equal - Monster
Ans :A
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16. The Tundra region Swan stays in groups apart when on a reproduction territory. Although most swans reach out to -- -- -- -- --, but a large part of the population on the reproduction grounds still can be found in groups. These swans are not reproducing, and may be little birds that have not yet started breeding, adult pairs whose -- -- -- -- -- attempts botched, or adults that bred in the long-ago but for some cause do not in that year.
A. Type - Birth
B. Breed - Reproduction
C. Kind - Labor
D. Sort - Native
E. Genus - National
Ans :B

17. A cherry tree is a blossoming deciduous tree that puts up with a fruit. The fruit cherry is -- -- -- -- -- round, with despair at the peak. The outer cover of the fruit is soft and ranges from light to very deep red color, even though they are also found in white and yellow colors. The fruit of the cherry tree is usually either sour or sweet in -- -- -- -- --.
A. Generally - Taste
B. Somewhat - Delicious
C. Tasty - Feel
D. Fairly - Sense
E. Quiet - Brains
Ans :A

18. Roses have been the most liked and first choice of flowers for the use of ---------- all over the world. They also act as a grand addition to residence and office furnishings. A cluster of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and significantly to make the place livelier. Besides beautiful cut roses, false flowers like silk roses in dissimilar colors are also extensively used for ----------------.
A. Gifting - Beautification
B. Giving - Decor
C. Generous - Furnishing
D. Kind - Trimming
E. Liberal - Garnish
Ans :A

19. According to the Space Online Dictionary and About Astronomy, a star is a ball of habitually hydrogen and helium gas that shines exceptionally -- -- -- -- --. A star is so enormous that its core is tremendously intense and burning. At the high nucleus temperatures of a star, atoms travel so fast that they occasionally attach to other atoms when they crash with them, creating more -- -- -- -- -- atoms and producing a great quantity of energy. This procedure is known as nuclear mixture.
A. Vibrantly - Enormous
B. Brightly - mammoth
C. Vividly - Colossal
D. Garishly - Gigantic
E. Loudly - Massive
Ans :A

20. Through binding the power of fine art, we hope to assemble global -- -- -- -- -- for the defense of ecological biodiversity, and to make a new model promoting maintenance worldwide. The plan will address many themes, as well as the association between the natural surroundings and human traditions; assumptions about the importance of -- -- -- -- -- natural and cultural variety; and global examination and exchange.
A. Hold - Store
B. Support - Preserving
C. Clutch - Amass
D. Grip - Stock up
E. Grasp - Hoard
Ans :B

21. Human Trafficking is an offense against -- -- -- -- -- . It occupies an act of transporting, recruiting, transferring, harboring or getting a person through a use of power, force or other means, for the reason of developing them. Every year, hundreds of men, women and children become the victim of traffickers, in their own countries and overseas. Every country in the earth is -- -- -- -- -- by trafficking, whether as a country of foundation, transit or purpose for victims.
A. People - Overstated
B. Human - Magnified
C. Mankind - Puffed up
D. Civilization - Exaggerated
E. People - Inflated
Ans :D

22. Lotuses are symbols of transparency and impulsive generation and hence -- -- -- -- -- earthly birth. According to the Lalitavistara, 'the soul of the top of men is immaculate, like the fresh lotus in the water which does not stick to it, and, according to mysterious Buddhism, the heart of the human beings is like an -- -- -- -- -- lotus: when the qualities of the Buddha build up therein the lotus flourish. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in flourish.
A. Represent - Beautiful
B. Embody - Ugly
C. Personify - Unsightly
D. Exemplify - Hideous
E. Typify - Revolting
Ans :A
23. Terrorism is not new to anyone. In reality, in some respects, that what is nowadays known as -- -- -- -- -- predates by millennia the current term used to explain it. This is not to say that the work of terrorism has remained stationary. To a certain extent, as the difficulties concerned in defining it replicate, -- -- -- -- -- has evolved significantly over the years, even if keeping some of the same individuality that have traditionally typified it.
A. Peace - Mankind
B. Love - Peace
C. Co-ordination –Human nature
D. Violence - Terrorism
E. Fighting - Calm
Ans :D

24. A vacation aim should be like the Smoky Mountains as it is -- -- -- -- -- because of the lot of things to do and the magnificent places to stay. The area offers all you require for a family holiday, marriage, dreamy getaway, church move back, family meeting, military meeting, or corporate Smoky Mountain gathering place.
A. Meaningful - assembly
B. Worthwhile - Gathering
C. Momentous - Congress
D. Significant - get together
E. Important - School assembly
Ans :B

25. Cartoons have long record. When people think of cartoons, they may think of -- -- -- -- -- books, opinionated cartoons and Saturday mornings when they were children. But cartoons have been more or less in print and diagram media for numerous hundred years. Some of the initial cartoons go back to the 19th Century Britain, where cartoons would come into view satirizing -- -- -- -- -- people of the day.
A. Serious - Dull
B. Sober - Dry
C. Comedian - Renowned
D. Grim - Boring
E. Stern - Tedious
Ans :C

26. AICC met at an occasion when there is a -- -- -- -- -- of scandals and the country is waiting to know what level of fraud would create rage in the party," said party representative Nirmala Sitharaman. "But there was total peace in the three main speeches on -- -- -- -- --". The major speakers used the diversionary tactic of conversing fear charges on activists of the RSS, a pro-self-government association.
A. Series - Dishonesty
B. List - Honesty
C. Record - Loyalty
D. Roll - Devotion
E. Evidence - Fidelity
Ans :A

27. The antique idea that the sick are obsessed of devils remained on in the souls of the -- -- -- -- -- and in the practices of the saints and general practitioners for ages after it should have passed into void. All throughout the middle Ages and even nowadays in some sectors of America and Europe, this policy of demonic control was held to be richly proved by the Bible. Jesus is said to have shed out devils and throughout the Middle Ages it was held that to disbelief demonical control was to -- -- -- -- -- the whole structure of Christian policy. The policy of demonic control was as well ashore in the Scriptures as was a faith in witches and witchcraft.
A. Human - Lose
B. Mankind - Be beaten
C. Man - Mislay
D. Women - Misplace
E. People - Conquer
Ans :B

28. Chocolate is made from trees and plants, which means it has many of the health -- -- -- -- -- of dark vegetables. These advantages are from flavonoids, which generally act as antioxidants. Antioxidants guard the body from aging caused by number of radicals, which can cause damage that leads to many heart diseases. Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants as compared to strawberries. Flavonoids also help rest blood pressure through the construction of nitric oxide, and -- -- -- -- -- certain hormones in your body.
A. Benefits- Control
B. Advantages - Power
C. Gains - Direct
D. Add - Straight
E. Inserts - Shortest
Ans :A

29. Penguins lost the -- -- -- -- -- to fly billions of years ago, but their strong flipper-like wings and sleek bodies make them very skillful swimmers. They are the best swimmers and deepest plunging species of any birds. While swimming, penguins will jump above the plane of the water. This particular practice is known as proposing. This coats their plumage with minute foam that -- -- -- -- -- friction, permitting them to swim as fast as 25 miles per hour.
A. Ability - Increase
B. Gift - Amplify
C. Reward - Enlarge
D. Capability - Lessens
E. Incentive - Raise
Ans :D

30. (a)Polar bears' preferred food is the ringed seal. Polar bears -- -- -- -- -- catch ringed seals when seals surface to respire at openings in the ice or at inhalation holes called aglus. In fall, a seal cuts ten to twelve aglus in the ice using the -- -- -- -- -- claws on its fore flippers. It keeps the aglus unwrap all winter long, even when ice is eight feet thick.
A. Regularly - Pointed
B. Recurrently - Blunt
C. Repeatedly - Dull
D. Constantly - Bright
E. Frequently - Vivid
Ans :A

31. For most women -- -- -- -- -- -- waterproof makeup is an elective affair. It may be so for you too. So pay attention to what we are about to tell you. That is not the -- -- -- -- -- -- approach to have towards make over if you are to be a expert and not an recreational.
A. Going - Wrong
B. Purchasing - Right
C. Make over - Towards
D. Over - Approach
E. Attention - Affair
Ans :B

32. Water-resistant makeup is not just for the drizzling season where there is direct danger to your make over getting wiped out with the rain water. You can -- -- -- -- -- it in all seasons. In fact, it gets much inferior when you sweat during summer season and your -- -- -- -- -- liquefies. It snows in the wintry weather and that hitch too is covered up.
A. Utilize - Makeup
B. Wintry - Weather
C. Summer - Season
D. Weather - Make over
E. Attention - Utilize
Ans :A

33. This is the only -- -- -- -- -- investment you have to put in to make sure that your make over stays great. Never take away -- -- -- -- -- with whatever thing other than a certified remover, particularly water-resistant eye makeup. If you are travelling a lot, carry it along in your bag and you will by no means have any trouble.
A. Helpful - Liner
B. Never - No means
C. Additional - Makeup
D. Certified - Along
E. Remover - Carry
Ans :C

34. The Egyptian eye is copious all through Ancient Egyptian fine art. The dark -- -- -- -- -- eyes look like the eye makeup they would have utilized. While pharaohs and design have altered, the eye has stayed all the same, as a symbol all through Egypt. Traces of malachite have been -- -- -- -- -- in primitive palettes.
A. Defined - Set up
B. Altered - Eye make up
C. Traces - Primitive
D. Utilized - Through
E. Design - Symbol
Ans :A

35. For eye makeup to be used, one must have the -- -- -- -- -- makeup tools.  First there should be an eye shadow makeup brush. The eyeliner generally comes in the shape of a pencil, and rarely requires a sharpener. Mascara always comes with a makeup brush.  -- -- -- -- -- makeup brushes can help you make well-defined shapes of your eyelash. Other make up tools consist of eyebrow sealers and tweezers.
A. Wrong - Unusual
B. Correct - Different
C. Makeup tools - Sharpener
D. Sealers - Rarely
E. Requires - Brushes
Ans :B

36. The olden times of lipstick -- -- -- -- -- in prehistory, persist into the present. From prehistoric India and Greece to Elizabeth Finland, inhabitants have decorated their lips with colors, dyes, plant roots, lip pencils and rouges . Rosy lips indicate sexual provocation, this is the reason is why lipsticks -- -- -- -- -- admired to this day.
A. Remain - Established
B. Established - Remain
C. Inhabitants - Reason
D. Provoke - Rosy
E. Admired - Used
Ans :B

37. Lip gloss has been applied since ages to -- -- -- -- -- the lips of women. The phrase lip gloss is pretty self descriptive. It is a makeup which makes your lips more shiny and glossy. It is also helpful in keeping them from the cracking of your lips. Glossy and shiny lips are a symbol of fine health and well-being. They also improve the -- -- -- -- -- of your face.
A. Improve - Beauty
B. Well being - Glossy
C. Helpful - Shiny
D. Moisture - Shiny
E. Cracking - Improve
Ans :A

38. Lip gloss product that certainly -- -- -- -- -- the face of the splendor industry, so it's no doubt that the record of lip gloss is so fascinating. Radiant, impressive, unblemished and moisturizing lips for years, this -- -- -- -- -- cosmetic product became a preferred choice among the women, almost instantly.
A. Wrong - Product
B. Changed - Innovatory
C. Proffered - Blemished
D. Almost - Impressive
E. Product - Instantly
Ans :B

39. Current years have observed the -- -- -- -- -- of the lip gloss. Presently more than ever before, many girls have taken a much more dynamic stance in the look of their lips. It’s no longer -- -- -- -- -- to just polish on some lip gloss and go.
A. Development - Enough
B. Polish - Longer
C. Before - Many
D. Lips - Lip gloss
E. Look - Longer
Ans :A

40. As motion picture industries came and settled in Florida, film players as expected turned to the particular Factor shop with their -- -- -- -- -- troubles. The Industry was powerful in assisting the motion picture industry, and coming years in the television -- -- -- -- -- .
A. Makeover - Business
B. Glossy - Settled
C. Picture - Motion
D. Years - Television
E. Factor - Troubles
Ans :A
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