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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GRE Sample Questions Analytical reasoning Part 1

GRE Analytical Reasoning Sample Questions are Given Below:

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following:
Five persons are sitting in a line. One of the two persons, at the farthest ends, is sharp, the other one is fair.
An overweight person is sitting to the right of a feeble person. A tall person is to the left of the fair person and the feeble person is sitting between the sharp and overweight persons.

Question 1
Tall person is at which place counting from right?
(a) First 
(b) Second 
(c) Third 
(d) Fourth 
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 2
Which of the following depicts the person to the left of feeble person?
(a) Sharp 
(b) Overweight 
(c) Fair 
(d) Tall 
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 3
Which of the following persons is sitting in the middle?
(a) Fair 
(b) feeble 
(c) sharp 
(d) Tall 
(e) Overweight

Question 4
To whose left is the overweight person sitting?
(a) Fair 
(b) Sharp 
(c) Tall 
(d) feeble 
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 5
If the fair person and overweight person swap their position, so also tall and feeble, then who will be sitting to the left of the feeble person?
(a) Tall 
(b) Fair 
(c) Overweight 
(d) Sharp 
(e) Cannot be determined
Answers: 1(b), 2(a), 3(e), 4(c) and 5(b)

Clarification: Let the fair person sit to the farthest right because it is given that a tall person is to his left. This signifies that the order Tall, Fair is followed.
Also, then the sharp person will be in the farthest left. An overweight person is to the right of a feeble person i.e. the order Feeble, Overweight is followed. The Feeble person is sitting in the middle of the Sharp and Overweight person means the order Sharp, Feeble, Overweight is followed. Sharp, Feeble, Overweight, Tall, and Fair.

Question 6
David ranks seventh from the top and 28th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
(a) 36 
(b) 35 
(c) 34 
(d) Cannot be determined 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

Question 7
Clorida is taller than Ivory. Emily is taller than Lovely. Lovely is taller than Enamol. To determine who among them is the tallest, which of the following further information, if any, is required?
(a) Clorida is taller than Enamol and Lovely 
(b) No further information is needed 
(c) Emily is taller Ivory 
(d) Clorida is taller than Lovely 
(e) Enamol is taller than Clorida
Answer: (e)

Question 8
Four of the following five are similar in a definite way and so form a group. Which one of them does not belong to the group?
(a) Umbrella 
(b) Gloves 
(c) Shirt 
(d) Shoes 
(e) Cap
Answer: (a)

Question 9
There are 26 steps in a Church. In the time Sandy comes down two steps, Plato goes one step. If they start simultaneously and keep their speed uniform, then at which step from bottom will they meet.
(a) 9th 
(b) 12th 
(c) 13th 
(d) 8th 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (a)
Clarification: Assume they meet at Xth step from the bottom, and this is equal to number of steps downward plus number of step upward minus common step (which will be added two times)
Therefore 2*2+2*1-1=26
Therefore X= 9

Question 10
In certain code Language the words ROUTINE is written as VMRGFLI. How will the word CRUELTY be written in that code language?
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)
The first alphabet becomes the third alphabet, second alphabet is coded as -2, and the third alphabet becomes first after +1. A similar relationship exists between the last three alphabets. A for the center alphabet, it is coded as the same positioned alphabet from the right end of the letter.

Question 11 to 15: In each of the following questions, five groups of letters have been given, out of which four are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out.

Question 11
(a) Treat 
(b) Great 
(c) Tears 
(d) Rates 
(e) Heard
Answer: Heard
Clarification: All other groups have the letters T E A R.

Question 12
(a) Wear 
(b) Fear 
(c) Cear 
(d) Bear 
(e) Tear
Answer: Cear
Clarification: All the words except CEAR can be found in your Dictionary

Question 13
(a) Egg 
(b) Acne 
(c) Mother 
(d) Defeat 
(e) Giddy
Answer: Giddy
Clarification: All the other groups contain the alphabet E.

Question 14
(a) Great 
(b) Treat 
(c) Tears 
(d) Table 
(e) Later
Answer: Table
Clarification: All the other groups contain the letter T E A R.

Question 15
(a) Reap 
(b) Rare 
(c) Tore 
(d) Tear 
(e) Pear
Answer: Tore
Clarification: All the other groups have the letters “E, A, R”

Question 16 and 17
You are required to answer these questions referring to the symbol, alphabet or number sequence given below.
P Y 4 # A Q © K B 8 D 5 * E % 2 S ? 9 R U $ F @ 6 H M 3 W (X)

Question 16
If all the symbols are dropped from the sequence, then which element will be in the center in the new sequence?
(a) 5 
(b) E 
(c) 2 
(d) S 
(e) There is no center element
Answer: (e)
Clarification: P Y 4 A Q K B 8 D 5 E 2 S 9 R U F 6 H M 3 W. We can see that number of elements is even number (22), there is no center element possible.

Question 17
#8 is related to? W in the same way as BE is related to?
(a) S? 
(b) 6M 
(c) W(x) 
(d) $3 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (e)
Clarification: Number of elements between the second pair of elements is double with respect to the number of elements between the first pair of elements.

Question 18 Joseph, Jackie and Ninda are the three mountaineers. Joseph is Jackie’s brother. Jackie is Ninda’s brother. Ninda is not Joseph’s brother. Therefore, Ninda is Joseph’s sister.
(a) Should be True 
(b) May be False 
(c) Should be False 
(d) Cannot be determined
Answer: (a)
Clarification: From the above statement it clear that Ninda is Joseph’s sister

In each of the following questions, four groups of letters have been given, out of which four are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out.

Question 19
(a) Curtain 
(b) Saree 
(c) Shirt 
(d) Petticoat
Answer: Curtain
Clarification: Except the word Curtain, all the others can be worn.

Question 20
(a) Ground 
(b) Class 
(c) Teacher 
(d) Student
Answer: Ground

Question 21
(a) Inhabit 
(b) Vacate 
(c) Reside 
(d) Dwell
Answer: Vacate
Clarification: Except the word Vacate, all other words mean to stay.

Question 22 
(a) Cotton 
(b) Nylon 
(c) Silk 
(d) Terylene
Answer: Cotton
Clarification: Only Cotton is grown in fields.

Question 23
(a) Joy 
(b) Love 
(c) Hate 
(d) Toy
Answer: Toy
Clarification: Except toy, all other words describe emotions.

In each of the following questions, four groups of letters have been given, out of which four are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out.

Question 24
(a) Rule 
(b) Common 
(c) Law 
(d) Custom
Answer: Common
Clarification: All words except common are related to Law.

Question 25
(a) Brother 
(b) Father 
(c) Uncle 
(d) Student
Answer: Student
Clarification: Except the word student, all other words come in relation.

Question 26
(a) Parrot 
(b) Pigeon 
(c) Sparrow 
(d) Kiwi
Answer: Kiwi
Clarification: Except Kiwi, all other words are the names of birds.

Question 27
(a) Trickster 
(b) Juggler 
(c) Magician 
(d) Musician
Answer: Musician
Clarification: All other words in the group, except Musician

Question 28
(a) Attachment 
(b) Love 
(c) Hatred 
(d) Affection
Answer: Hatred
Clarification: Except the word Hatred, all the other words signify Love.

Question 29 to 33
Every sentence given under has one or two blanks. Every blank shows that something has been misplaced. Below every sentence five words are specified as option. Select one right word for every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.

29. The fact that the-------of conflict is no longer as famous as it once was-----progress in race dealings. 
(a) Insidiousness----repeated 
(b) Practice----inculcates 
(c) Shine----presages 
(d) Technique----presages 
(e) Caginess----indicates
Answer: (d)

30. A child should not be----as being either very shy or over aggressive.
(a) Categorized 
(b) Instructed 
(c) Intoned 
(d) Unfocused 
(e) abstained
Answer: (a)

31. President Farhaad sheikh of Egypt, ignoring----disapproval in the Alab world and in his own administration, ----accepted Prime Minister Zishan Khan Invitation to visit Iraq in order to address the Iraqi parliament.
a. Acrimonious----formally 
b. Flawed----awkwardly 
c. Definite----earlier 
d. Spiteful----plaintively 
e. Alluring----scrupulously
Answer: (a)

32. In his general----manner, he had covered himself against this type of loss.
a. thoughtful 
b. fortunate 
c. uncaring 
d. circumspect 
e. scathing
Answer: (d)

33. We not at all thought that he would way out to----in order to attain his aim; we always considered him as a----man.
a. Appeal----dishonest 
b. Necromancy----pietistic 
c. Reason----admirable 
d. Prestidigitation----eloquent 
e. Subterfuge----honest
Answer: (e)

Question 34 to 38
All the question given below has two words which have definite relationship to each other, followed by five alphabets pairs of associated words. Choose the alphabets pair of words.

34. Degree: Angle
a. area : square inch 
b. milk : quart 
c. civilization : classes 
d. letter : alphabet 
e. time : minutes
Answer: (a)

35. Confirmed : Ingrained
a. awareness : theoretical 
b. financial : bankrupt 
c. undeveloped : immature 
d. believable : unbelievable 
e. wary: grueling
Answer: (b)

36. Lullaby : Barcarole
a. birth : marriage 
b. night : sunrise 
c. cradle : gondola 
d. song : verse 
e. song : sonneteer
Answer: (c)

37. Zoology : Animals
a. ecology : pollution 
b. botany : trees 
c. chemistry : molecule 
d. Past : public 
e. mathematics : arithmetic
Answer: (a)

38. Dory : Van
a. dairy : buffalo 
b. fish : bus 
c. freighter : caisson 
d. runners : bat 
e. Danish : Dutch
Answer: (c)

In these particular questions there are given some statements, followed by the conclusion which appeals you to be the most correct.

39. Nitrogen gas is lighter than oxygen. Nitrogen gas is lighter than Helium. Therefore, oxygen is the heaviest of the three gases.
(a) Can’t say 
(b) True 
(c) False 
(d) Probably true 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (a)

40. The presence of calcium in milk makes it white. Rice too is white in color. Therefore, rice also contains calcium.
(a) Can’t say 
(b) True 
(c) False 
(d) Probably true 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (a)

41. Soap is used for washing because
(a) The advertising is powerful 
(b) Its shape is convenient 
(c) It dissolves dirt in water more easily 
(d) The perfume is pleasant 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

42. Ice floats on water because
(a) It is spongy 
(b) It is trans parent 
(c) It is an element which melts easily 
(d) Its weight is less than the weight of water of equal volume 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (d)

43. At midnight, you heard the voice of several people shouting “fire”. Which of the following you would do?
(a) Ensure where the fire had taken place and to what extent 
(b) Continue to sleep till you are called for 
(c) Rush out of the room with buckets of water to extinguish the fire 
(d) Rush to the fire brigade station and inform the officials about the fire 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (a)
In these particular questions there are given some statements, followed by the conclusion which appeals you to be the most correct.

44. You have been asked to appoint a personal secretary. Which of the following quality would you consider as most important?
(a) She must have good experience 
(b) She must have an imposing personality 
(c) She must be highly educated 
(d) She must be an efficient stenographer 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (a)

45. While riding on a scooter, you find someone has been hurt by your scooter. Which of the following will be your responsibility?
(a) Pay compensation for the injury and try to dispose the matter 
(b) Try to run away from the spot immediately 
(c) Take him to the Doctor and arrange for the medical aid 
(d) Stop your vehicle and say sorry 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

46. Generally a patient of tuberculosis visits the hill stations because
(a) They are advised by the Physicians to do so 
(b) It is pleasure to enjoy the environment 
(c) Atmospheric pressure decreases with the height from the sea level 
(d) Cold weather is favorable for the patients of tuberculosis 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

47. Snakes and hawks are the predators of mice in the field. Dogs which also feed on mice are bought on the scene. What will be the immediate result?
(a) Increase in the number of snakes 
(b) Decrease in the number of snakes and hawks 
(c) Decrease in the number of mice 
(d) Decrease in the number of dogs 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

48. Average family income in the cities has increased today as compared to the last few years, as in most families these days’ husbands and wives are working. This sentences implies all the following except
(a) Family income level was lower few years ago 
(b) Wives earn more than husbands today 
(c) It was more prevalent for one spouse to work earlier than today 
(d) More husbands and wives are working today as compared to last few years 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (b)

49. Team sports like cricket, display socialist tendencies in their requirements of individual subordination to the authority of coaches and managers.
Which of the following conclusion may not be inferred from the above information?
(a) All team sports have socialist tendencies 
(b) All team sports are authoritarian 
(c) Without employee subordination to managerial authority, production for profit would not be possible 
(d) All team players are subordinate to their coaches 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c)

50. If in your college hostel mess, you find that the vegetable curry being served for the last ten days is having a lot of stones and you are fed up with it. What will you do?
(a) Buy your own vegetables and cook it in your room 
(b) Leave consuming the vegetables altogether 
(c) Speak with cook to change the vegetable 
(d) Bring the matter to the notice of the mess in charge and if nothing is done by him, then inform the hostel administration 
(e) None of the above
Answer: (d)

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