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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cover Letter Examples and Writing Guideline

A Cover Letter is a supplement to the resume that includes more detailed information about an individual. Cover letter examples can help an individual to prepare a perfect cover letter for an open position.  Actually a cover letter expresses individual’s interest in and qualifications for a position to a prospective employer. It introduces and highlights the key points in your resume and expresses your interest in a position.  It also shows off your qualifications to a prospective employer. In this article you will get some Cover Letter Examples with writing guideline. These cover letter examples will help you to furnish your cover letter and make a perfect one for an open position.

Cover Letter Examples

Essential Parts of a Cover Letter:

A cover letter should contain following parts. These are the basics of cover letter. You should include all these six parts to your cover letter. More details are given in the cover letter examples section.

First Part:  Heading
Second Part: Inside Address
Third Part: Salutation
Fourth Part: Paragraph #1
                       Paragraph #2
                       Paragraph #3
                       Paragraph #4
Fifth Part: Closing
Sixth Part: Signature and Name

Cover Letter Examples Starts Here (Section by Section):

You should address the Cover letter to a specific person at the company you’re applying to. You can usually find a name in the company’s publications or you can inquire by telephone. Cover letter works as a highlighter and rest of the thing depends on you resume. You should also read resume writing guideline to make your resume a perfect one to get an interview call.

How to Write Heading, Address & Salutation section of a cover letter  

Heading: Heading section of a cover letter only consists of address, city, state and date. See the example given below:

Marques Brownlee
10-123 ½ Main ST  SE
Montreal QC H3Z 2YS

September 23, 2015

Inside Address: In this section you should write individual name, company name, address, city, state and zip code. See the example given below:

James L. Pierce
Octiv Tech
750 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95826

Salutation: If you are addressing the letter to a specific person, start out with the formal salutation: Dear Mr. Pierce.  If you don’t know the name use: ‘Dear Hiring Manager’. Refrain from using the old standby’s: To whom it may concern or Dear Sir or Madam. See the example given below:

Dear Hiring Manager
Dear Mr. Pierce

How to Write Main Body of a Cover Letter

Main body of a cover letter starts from Opening Paragraph. 

The opening paragraph should accomplish a couple of goals: 
1. It should grab the reader’s attention.
2. Discuss the position you are applying for.
3. List your references or how you heard about the job.
4. Highlight the main points you will focus on in the letter.
5. Keep it brief and simple.

Cover letter main body consists of few paragraphs. Follow below rules to complete this section.

Paragraph #1 (Opening Paragraph) – Reference the position and note how you found out about the job. 

Opening Paragraph Example is given below:

Dear Mr. Pierce,

As the enclosed resume attests, the customer support position advertised in the Sacramento Bee is a perfect fit with my qualifications. My experience working as a Help Desk Student Assistant in the Division of Information Technology at San Francisco State University and my vast experience in the audio field has prepared me for the technological and user support this job requires, making me an ideal candidate for this position. 

Paragraph #2 and 3 (Body Paragraph) – Why are you interested in the position and what are your qualifications. Support your qualifications with examples of experience.

Body paragraph should accomplish a couple of goals:
1. Refer employees to certain points in your resume
2. Emphasize your strongest qualifications or top selling points
3. Show how these qualifications will benefit the company you’re applying for
4. You may provide examples of your achievements that have benefited previous companies
5. Be specific in your descriptions 

Body Paragraph Example is given below:

As my resume highlights, I have offered high-responsibility computer and software support for faculty, staff and students.  This experience, along with constant home use of computers, has given me a thorough background of many different forms of software and operating systems including the Windows and Apple families, Microsoft Office, and Dreamweaver.  I have also become very comfortable Performing hardware and software upgrades on Windows and Mac machines and working with various types of networks including wireless and LAN.  

In addition, I master new skills quickly and complete tasks efficiently.  

Paragraph #4 (Closing Paragraph)– Restate your interest in the position and request an interview.

Closing paragraph should accomplish a couple of goals:
1. Ask for an interview
2. Set up a possible time and date
3. Try using an active ending; in other words, rather than asking them to contact you, tell them you will contact them in a few days
4. Be genuine and thank them for their time

Closing Paragraph Example is given below:

Please take the time to look over my resume, and feel free to contact my references.  I would love to further discuss this position in person.  I will follow up with you in a few days to answer any preliminary questions you might have. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me at 916-424-4444.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 

How to Write Closing Section of a Cover Letter

You can give thanks by saying simply ‘Thank You’ after the 4th paragraph of your cover letter. In the closing section you can write Sincerely, Yours Sincerely or Sincerely Yours. My suggestion is to Use “sincerely” to close letter. Leave 4 lines between sincerely & your signature

Signature Section

Type your name & put your signature directly above your name.

List “Enclosures” – Resume, References

Complete Cover Letter Examples are Given Below:

Things to be Followed while Writing a Cover Letter:

  • Address letter to an individual not a company
  • Stress the positive.
  • Do not over use “I” 
  • Instead, place the focus on the employer and use the word “you” 
  • Keep letter to one page. Since you are probably competing with other applicants, employers just don’t have the time to read two pages
  • Customize the letter for each application
  • Do not repeat the resume, highlight it! The point of the cover letter is to flesh out your resume’s selling points not to repeat the same things that appear in your resume

Key Points to Remember

There are seven key points you should remember while writing your cover letter. These points are given below:

1.  Tell them why you are writing – Be specific about the job you are applying for
2.  Tell them how you fit – Connect your background, skills & experiences to the position you are applying for
3.  Give examples of fit – Cite specific work experiences that illustrate your fit for the position
4.  Use their words – Use the job description to help make the connection between your experiences and their employee wish-list
5.  Answer obvious questions – Answer any questions that your application raises, such as, “why is a person with a Masters degree applying for this position?”
6.  Appeal to company values, attitudes & goals 
7.  Show off your writing skills – the cover letter should be an example of your finest written work.

Before Sending:
  • Double and triple check your cover letter.
  • Check for spelling errors and typos—professionalism is a must.
  • Don’t go over a page.
  • Always customize your cover letter.  Don’t forget to change your contact information.
  • Maintain a friendly and professional tone throughout the letter.
Before attending an interview please read Interview Tips and Tricks and Most Common Interview Questions.

I hope, above cover letter examples and explanations will help you to furnish your cover letter and make it a perfect one. If you think you are benefited from this article then please share it with your friends and give your valuable comment below this post. Don't forget to submit your email address below for new updates. 

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