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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GRE Sentence Equivalence Sample Questions Part 1

1. The prize competition was ____ as a showcase for new technology, but instead the competition was marred by disqualifications and disputes.

A. disappointing 
B. conceived 
C. touted 
D. heralded 
E. promising 
F. required
Answer: CD

2. The new institute provides intensive postgraduate teaching to a wide range of students, in the hope that these students will use their knowledge to boost the country's ____ economy.

A. languishing 
B. emerging 
C. booming 
D. domestic 
E. bankrupt 
F. flagging
Answer: AF

3. Like other metaphors, the "book of Nature" has two facets: it is ____ but if taken literally, it may mislead.

A. heuristic 
B. perceptive 
C. poetic 
D. insightful 
E. prosaic 
F. iconoclastic
Answer: BD

4. The increasing interactivity emerging in the latest computer systems means that the traditional view of the computer as a ____ of information now unduly limiting.

A. gleaner 
B. transformer 
C. processor 
D. producer 
E. repository 
F. cache
Answer: EF

5. Turing’s life exerts a powerful and ____ effect on writers – the combination of the highly intellectual and the personally dramatic is hard to resist.

A. abiding 
B. pervasive 
C. perennial 
D. irresistible 
E. unmitigated 
F. multifaceted
Answer: AC

6. As a result of his regimented upbringing, that left him unable to see the nuances of complex situations, he was often accused of being ____ .

A. indecisive 
B. tyrannical 
C. obtuse 
D. boorish 
E. xenophobic 
F. imperceptive
Answer: CF

7. It is paradoxical that String Theory inspires such widespread respect when it is so ____ that few could ever hope to master its claims.

A. intractable 
B. confusing 
C. elevated 
D. arcane 
E. obscure 
F. rigorous
Answer: DE

8. Those with a reputation for ____ behavior seldom inspire respect: unwavering adherence to a viewpoint is more admired than flexibility.

A. capricious 
B. bombastic 
C. dogmatic 
D. fickle 
E. honorable 
F. stalwart
Answer: AD

9. The courtiers of the time had to be ____ in order to survive in an atmosphere where the least sign of rebellion could lead to banishment or worse.

A. taciturn 
B. fawning 
C. docile 
D. self-serving 
E. upright 
F. servile
Answer: BF

10. Forgiveness was fine in theory, but she had trouble in accepting a religion that would allow ____ evil-doers access to heaven.

A. repentant 
B. contrite 
C. blatant 
D. venial 
E. pardoned 
F. recalcitrant
Answer: AB

11. The Countess dressed with a (an) ____ elegance which seemed to proclaim to the world just how distinguished she was.

A. studied 
B. pronounced 
C. ingenuous 
D. understated 
E. mannered 
F. rococo
Answer: AE

12. It is a waste of time to ____ someone so dimwitted; he is too dull to recognize your barbs.

A. disparage 
B. ridicule 
C. lampoon 
D. laud 
E. enlighten 
F. train
Answer: BC

13. The teacher was so abstracted that she gave a ____ evaluation of what was really an interesting solution to the problem she had set.

A. philosophical 
B. cursory 
C. detailed 
D. considered 
E. perfunctory 
F. tangential
Answer: BE

14. Punishment for transgressions of the law ceases to have a deterrent effect if the punishment is frequently ____ .

A. arbitrary 
B. changed 
C. waived 
D. lenient 
E. commuted 
F. applied
Answer: CE

15. Not only love affects the eye of the beholder; other emotions also ____ the interpretation of the events that we witness.

A. cloud 
B. trigger 
C. devalue 
D. color 
E. objectify 
F. impact
Answer: DF

16. The human mind can often reject the most ____ data in favor of something that, though valueless, at least sounds familiar.

A. anomalous 
B. inconsequential 
C. peripheral 
D. pertinent 
E. germane 
F. visible
Answer: DE

17. ____ behavior never has the effect its practitioners hope for; the attempt to hide only draws attention to what is hidden.

A. Misogynistic 
B. Puritanical 
C. Covert 
D. Miserly 
E. Prudish 
F. Camouflaging
Answer: BE

18. He completed the work with unusual ____ ; his need to get out of the office overcame his habitual torpor.

A. dispatch 
B. grace 
C. effectiveness 
D. slovenliness 
E. carelessness 
F. celerity
Answer: AF

19. When Smithers took over as chairperson, her colleagues were looking forward to a less confrontational time on the board of governors, since they reasoned that no one else was likely to be as ____ as her predecessor.

A. mordant 
B. aggressive 
C. flexible 
D. bellicose 
E. complaisant 
F. jaundiced
Answer: BD

20. When faced with an urgent problem for which there is no immediately obvious solution, we tend to welcome any suggestion, however ____ , that might throw light on the dilemma.

A. unusual 
B. hackneyed 
C. tentative 
D. outrageous 
E. illuminating 
F. flimsy
Answer: CF

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