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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GRE Sentence Equivalence Sample Questions Part 2

1. Mannering's personal diary, a record of ____ preoccupations and domestic details, belies the depth of thought for which he was renowned in the academic world.

A. philosophical 
B. mundane 
C. petty 
D. weighty 
E. erudite 
F. untoward
Answer: BC

2. Animal welfare charities have found that extensive advertising, especially over the Christmas period, can actually drive down the volume of donations as people who view images of maltreated pets more than a few times rapidly become ____ .

A. inured 
B. miserly 
C. disgusted 
D. hardened 
E. bored 
F. overwrought
Answer: AD

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3. The study’s ____ conclusion is that during the first half of the 20th Century improved standards of personal hygiene reduced the risk of an individual’s contracting poliomyelitis, yet tended to make the disease more lethal to communities.

A. exciting 
B. paradoxical 
C. unwarranted 
D. long-awaited 
E. anomalous 
F. interim
Answer: BE

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4. The devotion to the syllabus and testing regime has become so extreme that most school students close their minds to anything ____ to the needs of the examination.

A. related 
B. catering 
C. extraneous 
D. similar 
E. helpful 
F. peripheral
Answer: CF

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5. The ____ tone of the biography is entirely unexpected since both the biographer in her previous works and her subject in all that he has written have valued levity over solemnity.

A. lugubrious 
B. jaunty 
C. jocose 
D. frivolous 
E. ironic 
F. melancholy
Answer: AF

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6. After hours of acrimonious arguments the negotiations reached a(n) _____ ; neither side was willing to compromise.

A. solution 
B. impasse 
C. conclusion 
D. end 
E. deadlock 
F. resolution
Answer: BE

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7. This new staging of King Lear is not a production in which every aspect falls neatly into place throughout; however, the drama does ____ at certain points to give the audience memorable and thought-provoking moments.

A. coalesce 
B. crystallize 
C. triumph 
D. flower 
E. dissolve 
F. transcend
Answer: AB

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8. The teacher’s mercurial mood changes and ____ approach to grading made the students uneasy; they never knew what would please him or what would earn good marks.

A. tardy 
B. authoritarian 
C. strict 
D. ambivalent 
E. whimsical 
F. hidebound
Answer: DE

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9. The book is an attempt on the part of the eminent scholar to reconcile the ____ experience and theoretical underpinnings of certain everyday phenomena.

A. philosophical 
B. empirical 
C. arcane 
D. practical 
E. superficial 
F. obtuse
Answer: BD

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10. The last candidate interviewed conducted herself with commendable ____ even when badgered with questions that had drawn unseemly outbursts from all the other interviewees.

A. pertinacity 
B. adroitness 
C. alacrity 
D. decorum 
E. propriety 
F. presence of mind
Answer: DE

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11. ____ adherence to outdated political ideas and defunct sects characterized the last years of a man who had, surprisingly, been one of the most flexible thinkers of the 1920s.

A. Intransigent 
B. Vacillating 
C. Sectarian 
D. Confused 
E. Frantic 
F. Dogged
Answer: AF

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12. The ____ effects of constant noise drove Natasha to seek refuge in a more salubrious spot until she recovered her mental equilibrium.

A. stimulating 
B. debilitating 
C. deafening 
D. enervating 
E. soporific 
F. precipitating
Answer: BD

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13. Grandfather liked us children to learn self-discipline, and, unlike many others of his generation, seldom ____ us even for those actions that we felt deserved censure.

A. rewarded 
B. consoled 
C. upbraided 
D. applauded 
E. cherished 
F. chided
Answer: CF

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14. To the layman, a philosopher who attempts to elucidate a complex moral dilemma by reducing it to a simple yet apparently ridiculous test case seems rather to ____ the issue.

A. ridicule 
B. obfuscate 
C. over-simplify 
D. denigrate 
E. becloud 
F. attenuate
Answer: BE

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15. Fraser taught by example: he ____ long-windedness in his own lectures and berated his students for any tendency toward circumlocution.

A. eschewed 
B. epitomized 
C. accentuated 
D. embraced 
E. welcomed 
F. shunned
Answer: AF

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16. If he had not had the ____ to follow his own iconoclastic theories in the face of the apparently unassailable conclusion of the accepted experts in the field, progress would have been inestimably slower in this area of knowledge.

A. incentive 
B. audacity 
C. temerity 
D. incapacity 
E. unwillingness 
F. wisdom
Answer: BC

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17. With an abiding interest in Medieval poetry, Boris found it difficult to relate to his peers in school whose ____ ran to nothing even remotely literary.

A. predilections 
B. successes 
C. inclinations 
D. backgrounds 
E. achievements 
F. amities
Answer: AC

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18. The novel is admittedly not the finest example of its genre, but I object to the ____ preface written by a supposed expert on detective fiction from whom we might have expected at least one or two perceptive comments.

A. egregious 
B. inane 
C. pretentious 
D. subliminal 
E. vacuous 
F. unexamined
Answer: BE

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19. It is not only the poor and uneducated that fall prey to ____ ; desperate or unhappy individuals from any walk of life or social background can be duped.

A. mavericks 
B. malcontents 
C. quacks 
D. charlatans 
E. agitators 
F. hypochondriacs
Answer: CD

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20. The director, accustomed to unquestioning loyalty, was chagrined when she discovered that her directions had been ____ by the chief executive.

A. underscored 
B. misinterpreted 
C. undermined 
D. misplaced 
E. substantiated 
F. subverted
Answer: CF

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21. Even though Byron is frequently glib, it is still hard to dismiss him as a ____ thinker.

A. superficial 
B. profound 
C. lightweight 
D. lucid 
E. verbose 
F. uncompromising
Answer: AC

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22. Far from being an innocent prank, their action is a ____ attempt to spoil my reputation.

A. malicious 
B. salubrious 
C. naive 
D. saturnine 
E. innocuous 
F. callous
Answer: AF

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23. Although his findings were initially greeted with ____ , the unlikely hero was finally vindicated when the French Academy acknowledged his work.

A. derision 
B. accolades 
C. commendations 
D. sympathy 
E. jubilation 
F. incredulity
Answer: AF

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24. Their latest theory aims to integrate the seemingly ____ elements of twenty years of research to form a coherent whole.

A. relevant 
B. sporadic 
C. incessant 
D. disparate 
E. discrete 
F. extensive
Answer: DE

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25. Svensson’s ____ in his work earned him few friends: his colleagues probably thought that he would be unwilling to overlook their foibles.

A. xenophobia 
B. mendacity 
C. meticulousness 
D. intuition 
E. punctiliousness 
F. prevarication
Answer: CE

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26. Icons would be well-advised to write their own memoirs; there are too many ____ writers out there who forego accuracy to pander to the preconceptions of the market.

A. creative 
B. lackluster 
C. hackneyed 
D. sycophantic 
E. fawning 
F. best-selling
Answer: DE

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27. Both commentators noted the way that Dylan can submerge himself in tradition while somehow managing to create works of startling ____.

A. gestation 
B. singularity 
C. provenance 
D. conservatism 
E. nonchalance 
F. originality
Answer: BF

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28. When aid is given to an autocracy, the donors are prone to rationalize their decision to support non-democratic governments, and thus lay themselves open to the charge of ____.

A. negligence 
B. hypocrisy 
C. equivocation 
D. slander 
E. autonomy 
F. nepotism
Answer: BC

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29. The insertion of a fiction into a news bulletin cannot be condoned, but inserting propaganda for a good cause seems less ____.

A. untoward 
B. democratic 
C. reprehensible 
D. credible 
E. insupportable 
F. utilitarian
Answer: CE

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30. In showing the shocking images of depravity and degradation, the curators of the art museum said that the importance of historical accuracy outweighed the danger of encouraging ____.

A. prurience 
B. avarice 
C. vandalism 
D. voyeurism 
E. outrage 
F. torture
Answer: AD

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