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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GMAT Sample Questions Reading Comprehension Part 3

Read the given passage carefully and select the correct answer for the following questions.

1) Barack Hussein Obama II is the full name of Barack Obama who is the current and the 44th President of the United States of America (US). He took birth on the 4th of August in the year 1961 at a maternity hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii named as Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital. This hospital is now known as the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.
Obama studied in the local schools of Jakarta till the age of ten. After that he completed with his graduation in the year 1979 from a private college prepatory school in Honolulu with the help of scholarship. The name of this school is the Punahou School.
After completing his graduation, Obama sort admission to the Occidental College in 1979 and hence shifted to Los Angeles. Obama made his first public speech in February 1981. He made this speech to separate Occidental from the South Africa because of its political system, where only the white people had all the rights and power.
Obama then moved to the New York City at the end of 1981. There he excelled in the subject of political science along with a specialization in international relations from the Columbia University. He also completed his degree as Bachelor of Arts from the same university in the year 1983. After completing with this education, Obama worked there for a year. He first worked at the Business International Corporation. Following this organization, he also worked with New York Public Interest Research Group.
After a couple of years of completing with his graduation in New York City, he was entitled with the directorship of the Developing Communities Project (DCP) in Chicago. This Developing Communities Project (DCP) was basically a community organization that originally comprised of eight Catholic districts with their own churches on the south side of Chicago. Roseland, Riverdale and West Pullman were among these eight Catholic districts. He worked there from June 1985 till May 1988 as an organizer of the DCP community
Later in the year 1988, Obama stepped into the Harvard Law School. By the end of his first year of his degree of Law, he was selected for the editorship of the journal named as the Harvard Law Review. Not only this, but also he was elected as the president of the same journal when he was in his second year of Law. When Obama was in Chicago for his summer vacations, he worked there an associate at two law firms. These two law firms are the Sidley Austin (1989) and the Hopkins & Sutter (1990).
Obama completed with his degree of Law from the Harvard with the second highest level of academic honors at graduation. He then returned to Chicago in the same year. Since Obama was the first black to receive the honor of being the president of the Harvard Law Review journal, this became great news for all the national media. This event led to the creation of a book based on the race relations which later developed into a personal chronicle. Finally this journal was published in the mid of the year 1995 with the name as 'Dreams from My Father'.
On the 10th of February, 2007, Obama decided to make an announcement regarding his candidacy for the post of the President of the United States of America. He chose the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinoise as the place for this announcement as this was the place where Abraham Lincoln made his "House Divided" speech in the year 1858. Finally on the 20th of January, 2009 Barack Obama commanded the post as the 44th President of the US and Joe Biden as the Vice President.

1. Where did Obama study till the age of ten?
a. Chicago
b. Jakarta
c. Los Angeles
d. New York City
e. London
Correct answer: b

2. When Barack Obama did command the post as the 44th President of the US?
a. 20th February, 2009
b. 10th February, 2007
c. 10th of February, 2005
d. 10th of February, 2006
e. 10th of February, 2008
Correct answer: a

3. Name the memoir of Barack Obama that was published in the mid of the year 1995?
a. 'Dreams from My Grandfather'
b. 'Dreams from My Mother'
c. 'Dreams from My Brother'
d. 'Dreams from My Sister'
e. 'Dreams from My Father'
Correct answer: e

4. Who was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review journal?
a. Barack Obama Sr.
b. Barack Obama II
c. Joe Biden
d. Michelle Obama
e. Joe Obama
Correct answer: b

5. Obama decided to make an announcement regarding his candidacy for the post of the President of the United States of America at which place?
a. London Bridge
b. Eiffel tower
c. Big Ben
d. Old State Capitol building
e. Harvard University
Correct answer: d
2) It is found that, the differences in the cultural and religious customs of different human civilizations are not only depicted by their geographic location and sociological conditions, but also by the different styles that they use for the production of various types of alcoholic beverages. When the late Stone Age jugs of beer were discovered, it proved that the there existed certain types of beverages that were fermented purposely during the 10,000 BC.
During the Indus Valley Civilization period, traces of alcoholic beverages were first found during its Chalcolithic Era. These purposely fermented beverages were found to be in use within the 3000 BC till the 2000 BC. One such kind of beverage that was very well known not only among the peasants of that time, but also among the Kshatriya warriors was "Sura". The Sura was prepared by brewing the following ingredients such as the rice meal, sugar cane and wheat. Sura also contained brewed grapes and some other fruits. The Hindu God Indra was also very fond of this beverage called as 'Sura'.
Both the advantages and the disadvantages of alcohol consumption are clearly described by the Hindu Ayurveda. Ayurveda describes that if you consume alcoholic beverages in moderate amount then it will work as medicine. But, if it is consumed beyond acceptable limits, then it will work as poison. Considering the ayurvedic advantages of alcohol, most of the Indian and Chinese population has started fermenting small portions of grains and fruits to benefit themselves with the benefits of alcohol.
The use of alcohol is also mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, which are two of the great epics of the Hindu origin. In Ramayana, the good consumers of alcohol belonged to the category of vegetarians; whereas the bad consumers belonged to those who eat non-veg., but, unlike the Ramayan, Mahabharata did not distinguish the alcohol consumers into such contrast. In India, Lord Mahavira Buddha was the first person to promote to restrain oneself from consuming alcohol.
Now-a-days, scientific research has shown that moderate drinkers of alcohol are more likely to have better health and can also live for more years in comparison to those people who consume alcohol in excess and also those who do not drink at all. The possibility of heart attacks is also very less in case of moderate drinkers. The chances of diseases such as diabetes, dementia, certain major type of cancers and death due to strokes is also very less. These people are also less likely to suffer with the problem of enlarged prostate.
But, along with the advantages there are many other disadvantages of excess alcohol consumption. Depending on the amount and the type of alcohol that one drinks, there are number of psychological effects that one can suffer from. One of the biggest side effects is the alcohol abuse. In case of alcohol abuse one gets so engaged in drinking that he gets involved into anti social activities causing harm to others. These unsocial activities can ultimately prove to be a threat to relations, employment, accidents and also violence.

1. Who was the first priest to preach to refrain oneself from alcohol in India?
a. Indra
b. Mahavira Buddha
c. Gautam Buddha
d. Ganesha
e. Shiva
Correct answer: b

2. Which fermented beverage was the favorite of the Indian god Indra?
a. Sura
b. Cauim
c. Tiswin
d. Sure
e. Wine
Correct answer: a

3. Which Hindu Epic did not distinguish the alcohol consumers into the good/bad contrast?
a. Ramayan
b. Mahabharata
c. Bible
d. Quran
e. None of the above
Correct answer: b

4. Discovery of which thing proved that fermented beverages existed during the Stone Age period?
a. Beer mugs
b. Beer jugs
c. Beer bottles
d. Beer bars
e. Beers
Correct answer: b

5. During the Indus Valley Civilization period, traces of alcoholic beverages were first found during which era?
a. Paleolithic Era
b. Monolithic Era
c. Early Food Producing Era
d. Chalcolithic Era
e. Regionalization Era
Correct answer: d
3) The diamonds have been one of the most adorable gems for centuries. They are the most precious of all the stones known to man. The diamonds are also very hard in nature and one of the most everlasting gems. The term "diamond" is derived from the Greek word "adamas" which means "unconquerable", "unalterable" or "untamed".
The optical characteristics of the diamonds are very remarkable. Since, they have a very firm lattice structure they are less likely to get contaminated by some of the rare types of impurities that include both nitrogen and boron. Because of this reason and the transparent nature of the diamonds the diamonds have a very clear and colorless appearance.
Though the diamond have less chances of having any impurities, certain minute defects would result in different colored diamonds, such as pink, yellow, green, red, brown, purple and orange. The property of the diamond to cause dispersion of light of different colors, provide it with a unique luster.
When the deep volcanoes erupt, the magma i.e. the molten rocks push the diamonds to the surface of the Earth. When these volcanic emissions cool down they result in the formation of igneous rocks which are referred to as kimberlites and lamproites. We can also produce diamonds artificially by creating a high temperature and high pressure condition leading to unnatural simulations in the layers on the Earth. Another method of producing diamonds in a synthetic manner is CVD i.e. chemical vapor deposition. Apart from the natural and artificial diamonds there are certain diamond simulants also. The diamond simulants are generally non-diamond materials that have properties and appearance similar to that of diamonds. Because of the development of so many varieties for diamonds, special gemological techniques have been developed in order to differentiate between the natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds and the diamond simulants.
The most rare and most valuable diamond in the world is the pink diamond. And the leading of pink diamonds all over the world is the Argyle mine. It produces almost 95% of the pink diamond that is supplied worldwide. The different shades of pink diamonds include delicate pastel rose, strong raspberry and the purple- reds.
The white diamonds are found to be produced in different shapes and sizes all over the world. Other variety of colored diamonds is the Champagne diamonds. These diamonds are again found to have wide range of shades that are graded according to the color scale C1 to C7. The grading scheme is as follows: C1 and C2 consist of the Light Champagne colored diamonds, C3 and C4 consist of the medium champagne colored diamonds, and C5 and C6 consist of the dark champagne colored diamonds. The cognac diamond is classified under the grade C7of the color scale.
Similarly the yellow colored diamonds are also available in a variety of shades ranging from a light yellow colored one to a rich canary colored diamond. The blue diamonds also continue the trend of having a variety of shades in it. These diamonds range from sky blue color to strong color of sapphire.
Of the two diamond stimulants Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and the Synthetic Moissanite, the CZ is found most commonly in the market. But with the help of thermal pen testers one can easily differentiate it from the original ones. However, the synthetic moissanite have thermal properties similar to that of naturally found diamonds; hence you cannot identify them using the thermal pens. Instead of this, there are other methods developed to identify this diamond stimulant.

1. Name two diamond simulants that have properties and appearance similar to that of diamonds?
a. Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Moissanite
b. Synthetic Moissanite, blue diamond
c. Blue diamond, Cubic Zirconia
d. Yellow diamond, Synthetic Moissanite
e. Brown diamond, Synthetic Moissanite
Correct answer: a

2. The cognac diamond is classified under which of the following class of grade?
a. C1
b. C2
c. C3
d. C4
e. C7
Correct answer: e

3. Which property of diamond provides it with a unique luster?
a. High optical dispersion of light into different colors
b. Clearness
c. Transparency
d. Colorless
e. Hardness
Correct answer: a

4. Which is the most rare and most valuable diamond in the world?
a. Yellow diamond
b. Blue diamond
c. Pink diamond
d. Green diamond
e. Brown diamond
Correct answer: c

5. By which method one can quickly and easily detect the diamond simulant Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?
a. Ball pen tester
b. Thermal pen tester
c. Ink pen tester
d. Microscope
e. Magnifying glass
Correct answer: b
4) The New York City is the highest populated city in the United States of America (US). It is also known as the home of the United Nations Headquarters. In addition to this it is also the center of the New York Metropolitan Area. New York is also one of the most populous metropolitan areas all over the world. There is a great impact of the New York City on the various important social as well as political factors related to the human life. These social factors include the finance, education, media, arts, technology, fashion, entertainment and research; whereas the political issues such as the global commerce and economy are included in the list.
This city was founded in the year 1624 as a place for carrying out all the trading by the colonists belonging to the Dutch Republic then. In 1626, the city was given the name as New Amsterdam. But, the English established their control over this city in the year 1664 and renamed it as New York when King Charles II of England gave away the lands to his brother, the Duke of York. From the year 1785 until the year 1790, the City of New York was entitled as the capital of the United States (US). Since, 1790, the city is marked as the largest city of the country, the US. One of the symbols that is very popular and familiar to all the people of the world is "The Statue of Liberty". This statue also symbolizes the democracy of the United States (US).
The New York City is also considered as an important center from the point of view of international diplomacy. It is also regarded to represents the cultural capital of the world. The New York, US is also referred by the names such as the New York City or The City of New York. These names that are given to New York differentiate it from its parent state i.e. The State of New York because it is a part of this state.
The New York City is found to be located on one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The City of New York is found to have five districts or towns that are responsible for looking after all the local services for the people of the city. These districts or towns are also known as boroughs. Each of these five boroughs namely The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island as well as the Queens consists of a state county. But all these five towns were combined into one single city in the year 1898.
According to the census records for the year 2011, it is found that around 8,244,910 people reside in the City of New York whose land area is just 790 square kilometers. This area is equivalent to almost 305 square miles. As per these ratios, the City of New York is entitled as the city with the densest population in the United States (US) in comparison to all the other cities in the United States (US). The population of the New York City Metropolitan Area is 18.9 million as per the 2010 census records. This population is spread in more than 17,400 square kilometers i.e. around 6,720 square miles area.
The New York City is also well known for the large number of varieties of languages spoken by the people of the city. It is observed that over 800 different languages are spoken in this city and hence it is considered as the city with the most divergence in terms of language all over the world.

1. By which name was the City of New York known to the colonists of the Dutch Republic?
a. New Amsterdam
b. New York
c. The City of New York
d. The New York City
e. All of the above
Correct answer: a

2. When the English did established their control over the city of New York?
a. 1624
b. 1664
c. 1726
d. 1662
e. 1660
Correct answer: b

3. The City of New York is found to have how many districts or towns that are responsible for looking after all the local services for the people of the city?
a. Five
b. Four
c. Three
d. Six
e. Seven
Correct answer: a

4. In which year were the five boroughs combined into one single city?
a. 1624
b. 1626
c. 1664
d. 1790
e. 1898
Correct answer: e

5. How many languages are spoken in the City of New York?
a. 800
b. 900
c. 1000
d. 700
e. 600
Correct answer: a
5) Las Vegas city is situated in the state of Nevada, United States (US). It is the city with the highest population as compared to all other cities in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is also the regional seat of Clark County. The city of Las Vegas is well known all over the world as the city of gambling. Not only this, but the city is also famous for its explicit resort locations and the hospitality in the world. It is a very good destination for those people who love shopping and are crazy about different types of food and fine dining. Because of the rare combination of casino-hotels and the entertainment packages associated with them, the city is also referred to as the "The Entertainment Capital of the World". The city's population majorly comprise of families and retired personals. According to the 2010 census records, the population of Las Vegas was 583,756; whereas population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area in the same year was recorded about 1,951,269. As per these statistics, the Las Vegas city ranks 28 according to the population count in the United States (US).
Las Vegas was established in the year 1905, but it was not known as a city at that time. It received the title of "city" in the year 1911. Las Vegas was found as the city with the highest population in the state of America, by the end of the 20th century following Chicago that had the highest population in the 19th century.
Under the title of "Sin City", Las Vegas observed various forms of adult entertainment. This led the film and the television industry people turn to Las Vegas for shooting their films and televisions series.
All the streets in the city are fully covered up with lights and various types of lighting displays. The Fremont Street of Las Vegas city is well known for its numerous outdoor displays for lighting up the entire street. The city not only covers the resort areas within the city but also the areas that fall beyond its limits near the Las Vegas Strip. The entire Las Vegas Valley is also referred as the Las Vegas sometimes.
Raphael Rivera was the first European who was a reported to visit the Las Vegas Valley in the year 1829. When the Spaniards of the Antonio Armijo party were moving along the north and the west of the Old Spanish Trail from the Texas, they used the waters of the Las Vegas valley. It was during this time that Las Vegas was named so by the Spaniards since the valley had widespread green areas which mean "vegas" in Spanish.
All the trade in Las Vegas earns its economy with the help of the gaming, tourism and related sectors of Las Vegas.

1. Under which title Las Vegas observed the various forms of adult entertainment?
a. Las Vegas City
b. Sin City
c. Gambling city
d. Resorts
e. Fremont Street
Correct answer: b

2. In which year Las Vegas was incorporated as a city?
a. 1905
b. 1911
c. 1910
d. 1909
e. 1908
Correct answer: b

3. Who was the first European who was reported to visit the Las Vegas Valley in the year 1829?
a. Spaniards
b. Raphael Rivera
c. Antonio Armijo
d. Anthony Rivera
e. None of the above
Correct answer: b

4. Which city of Las Vegas city is well known for its numerous outdoor displays that light up the entire street?
a. Fremont Street
b. Sin City
c. Old Spanish Trail
d. Belmonte Street
e. All of the above
Correct answer: a

5. Las Vegas is also the regional seat of _________?
a. Clark County
b. Spaniards
c. Raphael Rivera
d. Antonio Armijo
e. Raphael Nadal
Correct answer: a

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