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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teacher Interview Sample Questions and Answers

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on professional experiences are asked to understand the ability of the individual as a teacher and also to know the different challenges faced during the tenure.

1. Please help us with the name of the School/ University where you have worked with. Also what subjects did you teach and how many years did you invest there?

Answer: As the question clearly suggests, mention the name of the school / university you have worked with, the subjects taught, etc.

2. Please tell us about your most positive and negative experience you have had so far in your teaching career?
Answer: Explain each of your experience, positive and negative in as concise way as possible. Also mention the reasons behind why the experiences were positive and negative for you.

3. Besides the professional expectations, personally when was the most fulfilling experience for you as a teacher?
Answer: There may have been instances when you helped your students or a single student with something that was really difficult for them to do by themselves. Your support may have helped them immensely and could have leaded to a great result.

4. Did the school / university that you were previously associated with allow an active participation in extracurricular activities for the students, if yes what was your exact role and how did you contribute with a busy curriculum in hand?
Answer: Other than teaching the specific subjects you may have contributed in running other activities in the school. Explain your contribution and the way you managed your time, as handling two things at a time is mostly challenging. So talk about the ways you faced these challenges.

5. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the latter half of your career? How easy was it for you to deal with it?
Answer: This again is a direct and personal question so mention the number of times you felt you were in challenging situations and how well did you deal with them.

6. How do you deal with a child who has no particular interest in studies? Do you let them be or do you take some steps to develop the urge to study in the child?
Answer: This is to Gage whether you are willing to help a student come out of his / her inhibitions and whether you are patient enough or not. State the instance if you have ever come across this situation and if you have not; tell them what you are willing to do if confronted with such a situation.

7. Have you ever had an overwhelming experience with your student? If yes, please narrate it.
Answer: Narrate your personal experience with a student that was overwhelming.

8. Were you ever actively involved in curriculum development?
Answer: Answer with a yes or a no along with an explanation as to how.

9. What are the different techniques or ways in which you motivate your students to show interest in your subject?
Answer: As a teacher, one of the primary responsibilities of a teacher is to motivate the students. Explain your competency and your success rate in doing so.

10. How much of an importance do you give to student-teacher interaction in classroom and how important do you think it is?
Answer: Two way interaction in classroom while teaching is the best approach. As a teacher you must have followed it. So emphasize on the same.
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